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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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because I love you that way.
Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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this is for you, in case you'll miss me too much.

After a long hectic day, I sat down , knowing the fact that you'll be away. Like literally far away. Well, you will always have my blessing , loves , hugs and kisses :) If we are really meant to be at the end, then I'll be waiting at the horizon :)

Day went by as always. Nothing much. Being busy is what I do best at the moment, I guess. CSC134 was okay. Puan Rojeha habiskan chapter 5 . After class, kelam kabut sikit print things for the expedition. then presentation yang sebenarnya tak berapa nak presentation lah, sebab Atika tak pakai formal. DAMN =.= Puan Lin dah bagi jelingan manja beliau. Sorry , Puan *buat muka comel* :b

Terserempak dengan Harris , Nadia and Aida dekat koridor. I hope you guys did well in your oral test :D Badan berpeluh macam =.= sebab turun naik tangga jumpa lecturer. PHEW. Ada internal problems, tapi biar lah. After class, went for meeting. Then rushed to BEL311. Fell asleep again. AISH . I'm terribly sorry , Miss :'[ Then dapat text dari dia . He's moving to Penang. Haihhh. After class, sepatutnya ada QUIZ , tapi Atika tak pergi.

*bang head on the wall continuously* :(

I am so afraid that I will not perform this semester. Oh pretty please, let me score , pleaseeeeee :DD Hari ini hari jadi Boolat. Hari Ahad lepas hari jadi Shikin. Dua hari lagi hari jadi Adam. HEHE :DD happy birthday , lovelies muah :) Lepak dengan QS superheroes , then lepak dengan Hussein, Shikin and Harris. The boys macam HYPER secara tiba-tiba. Motif? Atika kena buli dengan Harris . TT.TT Hussein kena buli dengan kitaorang. Hehe. :p Sorry, cake. No hard feelings okay? :)

Things said, discussed, laughed at are completely confidential. *segan sebenarnya kbye*

Tomorrow I have presentations, meetings and test 1 for CSC134. Doakan Atika berjaya. *finger crossed* tak study apa benda pun lagi nie. Errrr , tadi Kaknyah call , rindu kot . Hihi :D Soon ! Will be going back home on August 27th :DD

YEAY CAN'T WAIT om nom nom nom :]

HEHE, kes bosan tahap dewa dengan kawan baik :b

I miss you more than words can say.

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