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chirp chirp.
Friday, July 15, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Friday came at last. Nonetheless, I was busy as hell and went chasing myself around with the preparations of the upcoming events. SUKAN RAKYAT UCSA tomorrow and hiking the following week . weeee :DD Class was okay. Tido lagi dalam kelas BEL311. sorry miss ;( Meeting went well, i guess. Kena edit banner and backdrop balik. Adehh. Penat lah macam nie. Sorry, Superboy and the gang :'( I feel bad. Nelly too. Miss Visya was surprised that I actually wrote novels. 7 of them . writing the 8th now. Heee :) Soon, Miss. very soon :))

After meeting, lunch with the yayangs. and well, ada proposal pasal event baru. Sabar eh? Ada lagi enam event tak settle lagi :)

Anyhow, yesterday, i went watching HARRY POTTER 7 with Maddy , Ain , Wanie and Ayam . it was awesome , tho i feel there are so much things missing from the book. HEHE :DD Kidnapped Maddy's domokun and teddy and start taking pictures ;) Thanks Ain for the pictures :P After movie terus balik sebab assignments tak siap lagi :P

Belikan domokun? :P

During lunch , i ate with the yayangs. ( eh, bukan dah tulis ke td? ) HAHA :DD then tangkap-tangkap gambar sebab bosan haaaa , :P Met prof and got kachings wee ! ;D and and best part of the day kan, jumpa senior SR yang comel tuh :b Even Ain pun cakap dia comel hehe :D Aecha jangan jealous oke? HEE ! Atika dah tak betul sebab Aecha kasi cadbury td . TY TY TY :))

Fatin. Atika. Ain.

yang tengah-tengah tuh , muka dia kan, sebenarnya nak mintak penampar .
( sebab comel sgt wakakaka !! )

Esok SUKAN RAKYAT, atika jadi photographer. esok jugak hari jadi SINCHAN. eh silap, Harris. LOL :D Happy almost birthday , Harris. esok buat birthday post oke? :D Me is so hyper right now. =.=' HELP. MUH went back to KL already. I miss you already :) Chai dapat 4 FLAT. WOAHHH , congrats :D AWESOME memang AWESOME *grins* :D

Speaking of Chai kan, erm - rindukan semua seniors. IT IS SO DIFFERENT without you guys here :'( I miss the good old times :] Ingat tak minggu funtastik jiwa ? Hee. Rindukan KOALA :p Jumpa Daus dengan Fiq kat kolej. Mata Daus KILAT ouhhh jealous =.='

HEHE :DD Haziq talked to me HEHE :DD *slapped self *


The day havent ended yet. I have things lingering in my mind right now.

and well .... I am hungry kbai :P

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