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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Fly with me ;
Monday, July 11, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Nur Madihah Binti Mohd Hayazi :)

I saw him , and I couldn't stop smiling. HEEEEEE ! c:

It's true when you fell hard for a person, even seeing that person from afar made you extremely happy. right? :)) Today is indeed my lucky day . I feel oh so lucky when I see him . Heeeee ! :b Tomorrow gonna see him again ;) EXCITED CAN? :))))) Though everything didn't happen according to plan, but I am praying everyday to Allah to show me all the signs that he is the one meant for me . AMIN :)

So, today was like another hectic Monday , I saw occupied the moment I reached college ( ride Kak Nurul's motorcycle hehe :D ) First was helping Din to colour his face . FACE PAINTING FTW ! :b dah lah muka dah kecik , ish geram HAHA :p after that , went to settle the proposal for the expedition . aiyaaaaaa =.=' banyaknya masalah haih ;( Minta mintak lah esok problems semua dah settle , AMIN :)) Atika ada kerja baru, buat pengumuman hari-hari . :D Syok lah gak. Hehe. After meeting Zahir, then I rushed to help Fik. Masalah betul lah koordinator dia -.-' Adoiii , sabar je lah.

Finally got my borang pelepasan from Miss Ida. after that terus photostat bagi kat lecturers. PHEW =.=' Kelas Agama next. Bincang psl assignments and recitals. done. after Agama, sat down alone at cafe and did had brainstorming session bout my new theater. YEAH MAN :D After lunch, I had Huayu class. as usual, I'll sleep in the class HEHE :b never got caught lalalala ;) Next week ada oral test damn =.=' last class was OMT200. SUPERWRITE :) susah , but argh apa2 je lah.

was planning to go out and have dinner with him tonight, but he said nothing. so I spent the night doing my assignments accompanied by the girls and Hussein. bosan, but what to do ? orang dah tak nak , takkan nak paksa. tak baik ouh :) Atika memang selalu tak bernasib baik. oh well. terutama sekali with the boys , and terutama sekali at times like this . heee . biasakan diri lah :))

Reached home at around 10:15 pm and then straight away, I edited all of the assignments . alhamdulillah , dah siap separuh. cepat lah habis wahai sem 3 . tak larat lah . bulan puasa lagi nanti :DD *excited sangat*:b

word of the day : " bakal ayah mentua you suka makan ayam penyet tau " *giggles*

*blush* :p

Okay okay, dah pukul 1 pagi. time to hit the bed. ily most :)

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