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It's Friday! eh silap, Sunday already :D
Sunday, July 31, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Friday ended well, that's all I can say. Classes, tests, assignments and lunch date with the boyfriend. all done :D Corporate video for the slide show was screwed badly by the lecturer , but mehhhh , who cares? I am now a free man *woot woot ! :'D English was okay, I guess. Tak siap lagi BEL311 . erhhh (--") I suck at time management with last minutes' stuff kbai.

Spent the night at TC , accompanying the boyfriend as he had his late dinner. Then lepak-lepak a while. KELAB FIXIE KUANTAN ADA BUAT MACAM MEETING OMAIGOD SERIOUS CANTIK BASIKAL FIXIE DIA SAYA EXCITED :P Hahaha ! then the boyfriend bought me ice cream nyehehehe :b imma a happy girl .

yesterday, I went to KP for lunch with the boyfriend and Sam. walked around and then lure Sam into this leather jacket-selling shop. NYUUUUUUUUU :3 super nais. so orgasmic :'D Sayang, nak jaket tuh, boleh? :DD after lunch, i waited at the highest floor , waited for akak . and seriously, orang kat KP tuh macam sakai .____. tak pernah tgk orang buat keje sambil buat assignment, duduk atas lantai ? grrr . yang pakai shades mata lalat dlm KP tuh, tak nak pulak tegur kan? pfffttt .

PELIK BETUL. errrr (--")

Then jumpa akak, pegi Zaman Moden , jahit beg Superboy yang terkoyak hari tuh hee :DD after that, cadangnya nak pegi basuh Backy , tapi at the end, pegi McD for lunch sebab fed up cari carwash HEHE :P Akak belanja Big Mac large. Another round of lunch hihihi =__= makin gemuk lah Atika nie. Adoiyai. Shopping anak tudung and selendang baru :'D Reached home around 5 . then rehat-rehat and finished up all of the assignments .

The boyfriend came after work to pay the girlfriend a visit. Hihi :b He bought me chocolates ♥ then makan durian sama-sama. yang lain pun makan. Maton je pun. Boolat and Hussein not really into it :3 Boyfriend took my photo to be his phone wallpaper nyehehe :p saya comel !

WHAT? -_- I like being vain :'P

I slept at 0045 hours. mata tak tahan :')

God Bless, everyone.
xoxo :)

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