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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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meet the YAYANGS ;
Maton . Hussein. Ain. Boolat.

The photo was taken few days back , went they went to TC and I went out for a girl night out with Maddy as we waited for Wanie and Ain Shaari. HEE :D Today was like any somehow unproductive day. Was busy with assignments and the touching up for my expedition to Gunung Tapis next week. Only 15 going. Nonetheless , the guys and I are indeed estatic to go hihihi :D

Sepatutnya lunch dengan Fik hari nie, tapi tunggu punya tunggu , dia tak datang. Message tak reply. =.=' Sabar je lah kan? The DDZ seniors are back for the week to settle their borang berhenti. Dapatlah lepas rindu kat Mimie, Wani, Daus , Chai , Uzair and Apek. APEK HUTANG M&M ! grrrrr nak M&M :((

Was planning to see Prof , but he is busy with his SENAT meeting. Mianhee :[ Printed out all of the assignments , and well - I spelled it wrongly . =.=' kemotifan! teman yayang fatin breakfast and gossiping skali hehe :D Headboy was rather not in mood. MUH looked chubbier than ever :P Superboy macam nak pukul orang. Kesian, dia tak sihat, I guess. Suppressed by the workloads? Take care okay , dearest? :))

Assignments HPD tak siap lagi. oh f ! D: why oh why? ma fan !! pffft .

Was supposed to see Akak today. but I feel asleep waiting for her. akak , sorry sangat-sangat :(( Mandarin class ended early today. Ahh, bliss (Y) :'D xie xie , laoshi :D went back with Nena and had our weekly chit chat moments hehe :DD

On a random note, you see, ada sorang senior SR kat kolej atika tu kan, dia kan , dia kan , DIA COMEL oke ahahaha :DD Aecha , nak tau nama dia =.=' Heee. ( oh wait , dah add dah jyeahhhh ! *victory )

Gonna do all the assignments now. TUMBLR and Twitter gonna be updated later :b

P/S : this Saturday. Can't wait heeee ! :DD

xoxo :D

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