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a streak of happiness thoughts.
Saturday, July 2, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hello folks, so I am back blogging :)

it's weekend and I have yet to complete my assignments . HPD112 and OMT167 are such pain in the ass . Both need brain to be used and pressurized =.=' I decided not to post up anything vulgar here since I have yet to be asked to tone down the other side of me. Heh. Didn't feel like scolding people since everything has gone back to its original plan. About the boycotting issue? Nah, don't give a damn about it. I am sorry if I've either hurt or annoy anyone of you in any ways, sincere-est apology yet. Berhenti kolej terus. YEAH MAN . :'D

I am not giving up, I just hate to deal with fucked up people. Worst kind I've encountered so far. Thank you so much haters for making me miserable. I'm done and over with. I'm going to prove you wrong, that's for sure :)

Didnt go anywhere for today. Assignments and events are all packed up. Grrrrr. Study tak habis lagi. Need to do revision for all the subjects. I want to get at least 3.O CGPA for this semester pretty please :* Friends are okay. Some of them, yang lain semua jadi kawan sebab nakkan benda je . Puiihhh ! Memang tak layan dipanggil kawan. GTH. :') Photoshoot dengan Nadia and Hussien tempoh hari. Boring tahap dewa ketika itu. so yeah.

sorry jiran sebelah, saya culik arnab awak kejap hehe :D

I can smile now. I really can :) Thank you all for being there for me. Especially you :) I'm going to turn a new leaf, and lead a better life. yeay :)

..... and jadi budak nerd. Bila lah nak beli spek baru nie? halamak :b HAHAHAHA.

Okay, wait for the revelation at my next post. tata. muah :)

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