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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Sunday blues.
Monday, August 1, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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The TV just announced, it will be puasa starting from tomorrow. I can't tho :'P After a tiring day out merempit with Boolat to Mega and then to KP, meeting the boyfriend after work and then kacau-ed Sam at intervals. SAM HOT SETAP KBYE :b Boolat got her new bag from her mum and well, I go teman the boyfriend to hunt for a Maxis number. ( He bought it so that it will be easier to text and call me ♥ ) HEE. After he went back, it was drizzling and Boolat and I redah hujan macam mat rempit sejati kekekeke (--") Sampai rumah electricity takde. Oh great =_= I took a quick shower and then did the laundry.

The baby girls / juniors are moving out. Aieeee, gonna miss them for sure :( It was dinner and was thinking of going to CM . tapi CM tutup. PMS attacking , FUUUUUU .__. Rasa nak menangis je. TT.TT Bihun tomyam yang tak berapa nak sedap jadi lagi tak sedap. Sakit hati sakit hati . demmnn. wasnt planning to call up the boyfriend, tapi serious rindu. Texted him and told him what happened, and he came with a bottle of 100 PLUS. aww, ty boyfie. sorry susahkan you :| I know he's tired and all, so yeah. it wasnt intentional that I wailed for his help :'P ILYSM, YSF FDHL :))

Lepas jumpa boyfriend, lepak kejap dengan roommates. Gosip buat kali terakhir sebelum puasa esok. nyehhehehe :3 then i hit the bed when the menstrual is about to rip my intestine off internally k, bai .

goodnight, love.

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