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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Saturday, July 9, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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Harris and Paan ;
hello hello ;)

( kenapa gambar jadi kecik ?!?! )

I just got back from another round of Transformer just now with my roommates and Hussein. Little did I got the chance to tell all of you of the new people I've made friends with this semester. First of all , the juniors. and the closest has to be Hussein Shirazie . :) He is the Headboy's classmate hihi :D Comel , super nais and uber awesome ;) People said we're like siblings since we look alike somehow. Macam adik beradik HAHA :DD Usin nie baik lah. :) Selalu gak merempit dengan dia disebabkan Atika bawak moto Kak Nurul ke kolej. Heeee ! :b

Part paling best ; Hussein pelat ' R' ahahaha COMEL oke :B

Hussein ;
that big brother of mine :b

Done with Sayang Si Jebol :) My fifth theater , this time I am in charge of the costume. Susah jugak nak jaga costume :O Overall it was all awesome :b Gonna miss Sha alot :( Thanks sangat-sangat awak ! Kita akan ingat pesanan awak sampai bila-bila :') Payment was okay. :D Now busy with the expedition to Gunung Tapis with UCSA's Taekwando Club. Since I am the Secretary , I am rather busy doing the name list and all . grrr :p Busy , but looking forward for it :3

Amir Asyraf ;
The best ever met. muah :)

Just got back from OM114 Camp as well. Penat and sangat mengantuk. Blur jugak , sebab entah lah , tak cukup tido kot? Tapi slot terakhir buat Atika menangis. selepas pergi kem cinta baru atika tau apa erti persahabatan, harus terima baik buruk kawan bukan menghukum kawan dengan kelemahan yang ada pada dirinya, thanks semua , akhirnya atika menangis jugak :D Superboy pun nampak macam penat je kan ? Rest well , my dear. Duit macam angin. Sekejap je dah habis. Hutang banyak lagi . Adoii :( PTPTN is said akan dapat 20 Julai . ARGH ! memang mati kering lah jawabnya. Nasib baik Mak kata takpe :) Thank you so much , Mak . ♥

The darlings ;
Some of the closest in the class.

Back home now , all sleepy. Packed things for college on Monday , as usual. Needed to do some revisions for OMT155 , BMD101 and OMT167. I skipped its first quiz on Friday oh noes ;( Headboy dah hitam AHAHAHAHA Iqbal pun dah hitam :P Sunburn ~ lalala :-D Fik is back in Kuantan. Meeting him for breakfast tomorrow :) Handphone takde kredit haaaa :P Sorry , esok baru top up :DD

Banyak event bulan Julai nie. Atika dah agak stress dah. Study kena konsisten , I promised my parents and lecturers that :D Kawan ada yang dah tak macam kawan , biar lah. :') I have the lovelies , that's enough. My Superboy , the girls , the boys . :* TY TY TY :)) Never feel more grateful.

Now I can sleep :) Goodnight , sweethearts. muah !