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Decreasing light of the day.
Sunday, August 7, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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It's Saturday again. The day which I can finally breath out of exhaustion. PHEW =.=' I just got back from Chenor, so I guess this will be a short blog post ( hopefully) . Chenor was okay, didn't enjoy much as I am not feeling well *hat-chooo* //sneezes

Yesterday I went to IPK Kuantan to do my OMT167 assignments with my girl / groupmates , Nelly , Ira and Zaty. Thanks to Nelly's umi , we got to do our assignments smoothly without any uhm- complication. HEE :D Thank you Auntie ^^ Atika jadi photographer je :) Alhamdulillah everything went well .

Selesai satu benda. fuhhhh.

ini aweks saya . kbye .

In the afternoon, the boyfriend fetched me and we went to Gambang Waterpark to settle his event's particular. together with Zahir, Ika, Naz and Sam . :D It was nice while it lasted. Heh. Zahir suka confusedkan orang -,-' dah lah asyik terlepas jeeee . roflmao. I got to spend enough time with the boyfriend yesterday. Hihi.

Thank you , you guys. :D

After going back from Gambang, the boys went for work while Ika and I hang out at ECM. sibeh weird ahahaha not knowing really where to head to. LOL. Jumpa Kak Hajar then left for berbuka puasa. with the lovelies. Happy 19th birthday, Nadia ♥ ate KFC for berbuka then lepak again with Ika .

After work, boyfriend fetched me at ECM and we went to TC for our not-so-routine light photoshoot. HEH. :D jadi lah jugak. bosan punya pasal . wooooo :'D Paid Af a visit at his work place. Said hi and stuffs. ;) Af ada peminat kbye . hehe.

Semua orang dah penat , so balik lah. :D

Today, spent the whole day sleeping and feeling dizzy at Chenor. Didn't help much . was in awed seeing the students there were in so much discipline . rasa sangat rendah diri :'3 Aieeeeeee . awesome kot HOHO :'D Balik rumah , penat . online kejap . then tido.


Haaa, ini incik Superman saya :')

ilysm , myf :)

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