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Monday, August 1, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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What a shitty start for the day. *sigh* My intestine is pulled out mentally early in the morning. nyuuu :'3 Then had to wait for like , FOREVER for the meeting to start. The boyfriend came and cool me down ( before I erupt in anger) -_- had a short meeting with MPPs and then left for Mandarin class.

..... and you know what? Mandarin class is officially over?! tetttttt didnt know we actually have come to the last chapter of the book. I was like ' o.O ' *nada terkejut* kekekeke :b Since it is already the fasting month, class ended early. the last class will be at 4 pm :D yabedabeduu !

Feel better lepaking with the geng-kaki-gunung . new gang haha ;) and the boyfriend at intervals. curi masa ha sementara ada masa :P *square dance* and well, walaupun Atika cuti *ehem* tapi still tak makan kerana menghormati housemates yang berpuasa :D

Boyfriend working after class. so, only meeting him after 10:30 pm . kesian :| tak sampai hati tengok dia penat , tapi tetap datang jumpa yours truly. terharu kbye :'P hari-hari pun bawak something untuk Atika. hihi :D Text Kaknyah yang teramat nervous sebab dia ada UPS esok. do well , sis. go screw all the papers hard ;)

Nonetheless, it was only a short meeting tho. I accidentally fall asleep as I waited for him. Penat -_- and and he bought me Slurpee nyehehehe :B

ILYSM , boyfriend ngeh :D

Disclaimer : Rasa sangat mushy bila dah ada MYF nie. (--") *blush* tapi Atika suka hihi :P

Taken yesterday,
sebelum sesi merempit ke KP bersama Boolat untuk berjumpa dengan boyfriend. HEHE. :p


Wallpaper BARU handphone, laptop, iPad , Blackberry, iMac si boyfriend ♥

Halamak ! x) comel nya budak ni!
*tee hee hee !*

and some times kan, apabila bosan, tetiba nak cakap dengan si boyfriend,

BOLEH TAK? *senyum sampai telinga* ;)

P/S : nak bukak puasa apa eh? Hmmm.
PP/S : good luck , kaknyah for your UPS !

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