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A night at the cafeteria.
Thursday, August 4, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So, I am now at the cafeteria, spending the night with Zahir, Ika , Sam, Naz, Ricky and the boyfriend. :) Helping them with their event this upcoming October 1st. Since the boyfriend is the president ( HIHIHIHI ;D ) , I am coming with them hekhekhek I spent the day at Ika's house and waited for like 23456789o3647290 years for Zahir to come and fetch the both of us -___-"

okay, Atika tipu hihi

woke up at around 10 when Ika said Zahir is here to fetch us. Heh. Then went back home and packed my things for tomorrow. :D wash up, and then headed to college. Did our usual-impromptu photoshoot with Zahir and the rest :) Hihi. Just remembered that I have note-taking assignments TT.TT Damn. screw it grrr -_-" Nonetheless, I am estatic for tomorrow's appointment. PLEASE LET IT BE JUST OKAY *prays hard

Weekend gonna be packed with assignments and events. Haih. here's come another busy weekend. Errr. .__. stress dah mula terasa. tapi relaks je. Mak cakap, relaks je. :) Okay, nak sambung discussion. dah pening fikir pasal organizing committee. fuhhh.

and seronok buli SAM ahahahaha x) Sam suka tangkap gambar blur ! Naz tak boleh berenti menganjing ke? ishhh -__-"

; here are some of the pictures ( in case, you readers miss me hehe ) :P

The owner of the name ATIKA.

Atika Azman dan Atika Sikun.

and this is Sam, jejaka macho idaman ramai HAHA ! :b

Okay okay. Goodnight readers . tata :D

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