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Sunday, October 23, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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After reading Jo Yee's blog, I've realized that I haven't been posting much about my boyfriend :c

...well, guess what? I AM NOW ! Heehee :B

our first photo together HEEHEE :b

As most of all of you know, I met the boyfriend WAYYYYY back :) the first time was, during the first time experience of hiking Bukit Panorama . Didn't know him well enough and the day just ended like that. We often bumped into each other at college, and again, didn't know him THAT well . Then, the second official time we met was on our way to Gunung Tapis , we spent 3 days , 5000 feet above sea level with 13 more people during the expedition. HEH :'D


After the expedition, I am slowly drawn to him , secretly on the outlook , looking for him at the college *blush blush* :3 the 15 of us , spent most of our nights hanging out together, since majority of them already knew each other way back ( I'm new to the group) so yeah :) and well, on 29 July 2011 , when he send me back to my house , I actually popped up the big question , and it goes something like ;

" sayang , "

" yes ? "

" are we like, actually an item now? "

" you rasa? "

" entah . you ? "

then he gave that smile that made me go jell-o over him HEHEHEHEHEHE :b and said YES. ;)

okay , okay, MY story might sound unusual to you, but hey, you snooze, you lose , dude , so yeah :D I am not shy, admitting that I am the one confessing to him that I want him to be mine, plus he is so nice, and nerdy and geeky and sweet heehee :B then we continued going out more often , during dinner , after his work . and i get to know his small circle of friends as well. Naz , Sam , Ricky , Zahir , Ika , Nai, Fik and some others too. :D

and there was our first monthlyversary :D okay, I actually spent it ALONE in KLANG , but then let's rewind it back for a few more days before . We had our first fight. -,-" But problems solved and we're ok :D Also, Yusof and I were spending my last day in Kuantan before the Raya break. and well, as we walked around Kuantan Parade, I told him that I've always wanted to have a couple ring and he immediately went to buy one.

Considering he was short of cash, I told him not to, and we can buy it some other times , but he bought it anyways (-.-") stubborn ♥ and that was out first monthlyversary gift :) I often told him the ring is just a token , like a mark to remember our relationship and he just nodded all the way. c: he bought us our first SUPERMAN couple t-shirt and I bought us our second couple t-shirt ; BATMAN :D

Muhammad Yusof Bin Fadhil :*

Second month is quite rough. With his upcoming event and my finals, we were having a pretty rough time juggling times for each other. With him all worn out with his works and my laptop mishap , couldn't help it but to be over-sensitive at times. HEHE, sorry sayang :c still feel bad about it till now. That time, it was his graduation day at the college . and I was all excited for him. Told him I am getting him something and he told not to. Membazir lah , what lah bla bla bla :P

But I got him one anyway :P A rose as a graduation gift :D

Happy graduation, baby ! :D 

It was our second monthlyversary, few days away from his event and well, he is kinda mind-fucked like a dead zombie. I told him NOT TO WORRY, but he panicked anyways and I ended storming off into the zone, gave him our couple ring furiously and said nothing. Little while after that , I've realized what I've done was wrong and I feel so bad, so I called him after not being able to send him any text.


then I imagined the worst ; SUICIDE -_- *YA ALLAH , I said my prayers, cried and went to sleep unwillingly, and he finally called back, sobbing out of tears , apologizing . MEHHH , I would killed for a man like him ahahaha :P He said he was sorry because he let my hopes too high and let me down afterwards , awwww :'))

if you're about to puke , then please click the ' X ' above, thank you .

Back to the story , he also confessed that he is smoking again ( he used to smoke , but after i told him I hate guys who smoke , considering the condition of my dad , he stopped smoking ) and cried again. Okay , I lied. But i do love his voice when it's tiny and all sexy HEEHEE :p So, I told him to come over to my house, and have a chit chat :) and he did . I was really glad he's okay . Zahir and Ika dropped by as well and we talked over dinner :) Thank you boyfriend :D

Another big ( not-so-big event ) that I spent a whole day with him , was my birthday , Sept 14th. :) We went to Megamall and we went to get my birthday present , no it's not 1000 roses or chocolate bars , it's a EXTERNAL HARD DISK. hihi , yeah yeah , it's weird , but I like something more , USEFUL and HANDY it terms of gift (Y) ;D and here I am , using it :D Thank you again, sayang :'D and we had a photo together during my birthday photoshoot with zahir and ika :DD

Same as Jo Yee, I am indeed feeling the same thing as her ; spoilt like a princess :b

We also went to his programme's Raya makan-makan and my favourite photo of the night ;


We also went to his dinner together and I am finally glad seeing him all smiling again , DINNER MIX AND MATCH ; CASCADIA 2011 WAS A COMPLETE SUCCESS , ALHAMDULILLAH :)) and I am , his date for the night :'3

sayang nampak macho :P 

After the night ended , we spent some more times together before I went to Klang for my sem break :D and I was spoiled again. This time I didn't let him spoiled me all the way , but I also bought him few things here in Klang as a gift for him for being such an awesome boyfriend :b could never wish for a better boyfriend that he is , seriously :) 

Now I am in Klang , missing him everyday , telling him how much I love him everyday :) and he is doing the same thing to me. *blush blush* :3 and again, parents , friends , relatives told me not to be all excited about us , I BELIEVE THAT HE IS THE ONE FOR ME , insya-Allah :D 

our third monthlyversary soon :')

People around me have been telling how much I've changed since I got him, but let me assure you that I am ok :D and in fact , MUCH MUCH MUCH HAPPIER than before :) and if you guys love me , I am sure you guys will be happy for me and psyched about it as well. Please don't judge anything before you know everything well enough. I mean, this is MY PHASE OF GROWING and YES , it also include having a serious relationship with someone who feels the same way like I do. 

I know i am not the only one who is in a relationship right now. but I guess, I just want the whole world to know, how contented I am, at this very moment, being with him ♥ I love this man so much :D and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. :) 

...and , fullstop. I hope you guys are happy to be reading this post, Thank you :) because I know I am happy writing it. Sorry, it's quite long :P but at least, now you know how things have been going with me and Yusof , right? :D happy ever after :)

SAYANG , THIS IS  YOU! mwah mwah :*

and to end this post , a very much prettier and bigger photo of us together , again AHAHAHAHAHA ;

I love this man so much :D 

xoxo , au revoirs. 

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