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Sunday, November 13, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Facebook and Reality ; i must not compare , at all
but then , nowadays , Facebook means serious business
Not friend on Facebook means you're not friends in reality

*rewind please* EH , SERIOUSLY?
hukum dunia memang macam tuh ke sekarang?
kelakar orang putus kawan , hanya sebab kena delete kat Facebook.

banyak lagi alasan , facebook jugak dipersalahkan

in my case ,

ada a few possibilities,
1- mungkin kena delete sebab pengaruh the new gf/bf ( dah pun berlaku)
2- i've only met that person once , and then idk what happened , and then kena delete eheh -,-
3- i've made feud with a friend , and then di-influence oleh that friend , merebak kepada kawan-kawan dia kot, so ramai-ramai pakat delete ( entah lah hahaha -,- )

this FBO ( Facebook Official) business , didn't do much good , to me lah. eheh -,- i mean, gaduh dengan si polan , and then kawan-kawan si polan pun delete aku . eh kejap, aku yang delete dia -,- oh sorry, i was too cool back then. guess it means nothing now. sorry , ego dah setinggi KLCC , maybe higher. kita kawan tak kawan gitu-gitu je lah. boleh kan? hewhew :')

*lempang diri sendiri* K, BETTER. but yeah, according to my surveys , it happened that way. like woah, that is ain't cool. relaks lah brader.

kepada yang kena delete, tak payah lah nak mengamuk bagai, sebab kadang-kadang, kena delete kat Facebook je, bukan real life. so, kita relaks je. tak payah nak tunjuk kesian sangat add balik kawan yang dah meng-delete anda. show some ego, man :P

kepada yang selalu meng-delete orang, i don't know what's your problem , but i guess everyone have their own reason when they delete that particular person kan? :D not gonna judge , but think of the consequences.  (y)

as for me, i've stop going all crazy and fucked up mad because i got deleted, and well, embrace the deleting process. because somehow , i did it as well ( deleting people) for some unforseen reasons lah kan. so, kita cool je. shot back the sarcasms on that person's face. AHAHAHAHAHA. ._.

tapi kan ,
agak sedih lah, kawan sendiri delete dari facebook ,  and terus tak bercakap kat luar facebook pun. and indirectly, kita kena hukum dengan karma dunia. haih ._. tak tau salah apa eh? *shrugs*

... or just, maybe , just MAYBE lah kan, the new girlfriend are so much fucked up and mad crazy and too insecure (eh?) kbai 

in conclusion, i just hate the fact when a friend deleted you on facebook , and then they delete you from your life as well. what the fuck is wrong with you? this isn't judgement day.

unless , the person who got deleted , is a paedophile or a stalker kan kan kannnnnnnn ? :D

sekian, terima kasih, sorry, a lot of ramblings. kbai.