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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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if only for a night
Saturday, November 12, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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words. I am never good at it anymore. What I wrote here are becoming too personal for me , for you to read. but I had fun writing them down, sharing it with all of you. :) today had been normal. but then , i found out that my former Physics teacher had her big day today. Congratulations , Miss Tan :) i went out to buy some leftover things for myself , then went to visit Syaika at her house :) been a while since I saw her, since I am recovering , Mak let me visit her.

seronok bersembang ^^ glad you're doing just fine ^^ have fun in JB oke? heee .

missing the boyfriend too much. poor cupcake having a hard time fitting in the discussion. sabar eh sayang? :) malam nanti baby call okay? Obviously , being such a good girlfriend , i tried my very best to cheer him up . bebel pun , sayang tahap infinity ouh. heehee ;) sayang sayannnnng sangat-sangat :D

 muka latest , //the scars -,-

this photo was taken with my sister's android camera 360 application cos it's so cool that i gave it a try. eheh -,- alhamdulillah , Mak said I have fully recovered . but then , need to patiently wait for the scar to heal itself.  so yeah , alhamdulillah sangat-sangat :D so, mulai esok dah boleh makan ayam YAY ! makan seafood YAY ! :D *square dance* ;D

lagi tiga hari nak balik Kuantan , excitednya ! :B today pegi Carrefour , and then I grabbed two books from its book clearance sale. woah ^^ happy ! so yeah, gonna spend the time in the bus on the way back to Kuantan reading the books. HUARGH ;) so orgasmic :P

now watching AIM 18. -,- it was nice while it lasted. HAHAHA , right now , the only thing in my mind is the boyfriend . worried sick eh , he's not feeling well as we speak.

T_T rindu semua T_T

Goodnight everyone. loves xx 

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