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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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semalam bercerita , and bersembang dengan Akma , Is punya gegirl lah kan
Dia cakap aku nie hotstuff
WAHAHAHA -,- epic lah , gelak sorang-sorang depan laptop
Is punya keje lah nie

sebenarnya kan , takdek lah hotstuff mana , eheh -,- just be yourself , good enough :) lantak lah orang nak cakap apa kan, janji we know ourselves better than anyone else :) recipe for life, senang sangat, think positive .
memang betul, kadang-kadang kita cakap ' dunia nie tak adil' tapi kita kena ingat, dalam dunia lah kan, ada orang lagi susah dari kita.

so yeah, be THANKFUL.

macam aku , aku sangat suka self-expression. walaupun ada orang yang tak selesa. orang yang rapat dengan aku semua cakap, suruh tone down , tapi dah aku jenis yang happy-go-lucky, susah nak get rid of the habit :P sorry. but I am definitely less-hyperactive compared to last time. Penat oh kadang-kadang jadi happy nie HAHAHA sometimes , when I am excited all of sudden , i can hear the smirks over some people around me. annoyed, perhaps.  sorry that my happiness is giving you a reason to barf sarcastically later :>

and again, I would like to thank those people who know me well enough ,
nadia , boolat, shikin, yaya
and nelly bebeh ,
thank you sangat-sangat :)

and my bundle of joy or course. sayaaaaang :)

and to those who think I am a sunshine , thanks a lot , segan nyewww awak cakap mcm tuh :P
sekarang nie , senang je nak handle orang ( for me lah )
if people started to give the sense of awkwardness , then just shut the fuck up
be comfortable with people who are comfortable with you :)

like me , i like socializing with people,
somehow , i often flashed a smile at almost everyone everyday
smile , genuinely
kan Allah cakap, senyuman itu satu sedekah kan kan? :P

Biar lah orang nak cakap apa pun,
I'm okay with myself,
and I love myself.

HEEHEE , thank you Nurhidayatul Akma Razali :D
terdetik nak buat blog post nie

for you, 
sorry lah , kak tika ta tao nak letak gambar apa

(gambar takdek motif pun)


oh yeah
result keluar hari jumaat nie
tak paham kenapa semua nervous
relaks boleh? =.= you did your best , so yeah
saya cool je 

ta tao result berapa,
takpe la
I'll go on 
BAHAHAHA -.-' hoyeah

tapi , berharap jugak dapat result gempak
tapi kan, saya nie pemalas nak baca buku
hew hew :')

and I've come to realize ; no one talks or complains about me anymore, not in front of me , at least, It's either I am slowly becoming more awesome in their eyes ( I WISH!) or people just got sick of the sarcasms. 


I am just too happy and too bubbly , so yeah :) 

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