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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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sure know something
Sunday, November 13, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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found this at Nadia's , too cute :

dear sayang ,

semenjak dua menjak asyik gaduh dengan sayang. gaduh pasal benda kecik ._. tak faham dengan diri sendiri. nak tarik muka tiba-tiba kan. aish. lepas tu, istighfar banyak-banyak. sorry sayang, baby banyak buat hal :D sayang banyak sabar sebenarnya ? kalau gaduh pun, dia yang minta maaf dulu. maybe sebab malas nak gaduh panjang-panjang. HEHE :b saya yang mengada lagi over nie , takdek keje sebenarnya, takdek motif , so yeah, saje cari gaduh. bila tengah menses, lagi teruk, asyik nak mengamuk je. semua benda tak kena.

kadang-kadang kan, rasa tak dihargai. sayang asyik busy. hari tuh , menangis , gaduh lagi ._. then sayang minta maaf , sebab sayang cakap sayang tak pandai nak jadi romantik sangat . takut if romantik sangat, nanti baby tak suka kan? heee :b comel je . kita gaduh pun kadang-kadang sebab yang remeh temeh, biasa lah , kalau dah rindu sangat kan ? hee :>

lepas tuh ada one day, rasa macam nak mengamuk jugak ( sebab menses kot ) then sayang sabar je. sayang cakap sorry , i love you , i minta maaf semua , rasa nak menangis masa tu, sebab rasa bertuah sangat ada boyfriend macam sayang. sayang minta maaf sebab sayang tak perfect lagi untuk baby :> baby pun nak minta maaf sebab banyak membebel kat sayang, banyak marah sayang , mana tau sayang terasa dalam diam kan, banyak demand benda bukan-bukan , ( sebab jauh , so mintak pelik-pelik lah kan :P ) , and yang penting , sorry if baby buat sayang menangis , without me realizing.

kepada anyone yang baca blog post nie, sorry if ada yang tak suka , tak setuju with the fact that i am seeing this amazing man. this is my first time being so much contented with a person i never thought going to be with. :) if you don't like it, then too bad for you.

to all of you who is reading as well, please pray for us to be together eternally , sincerely. and to sayang, sorry i tak perfect mana, masak pun tak pandai lagi , hehehe -,- but thank you, because every moments i see your name on the caller ID , i just flutter out of happiness , and love love love :)

thank you sebab sayangkan i seadanya , thank you for all the cheesy jokes, the corny grins via skype , the reminder to remember Him often and of course, the goodnight messages. Although we're not perfect human ourselves, but deep down, I am sure we're perfect for each other. enduring love with every breath we took.

nearly 4 months of love. a journey , timeless and everlasting.

I love you , just the way you are, Muhammad Yusof Bin Fadhil :) 

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