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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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you wait for a silence
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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November, please be nice to her. 


Leo , my baby boy in BabyMaker. c:

Milcah, my baby girl in BabyMaker c:

.... and i feel so corny. lols. :B nonetheless, freaking love this game. knowing the fact that i am going to be one soon. MEHEHEHEHE :b i have soft spot for little babies. hiihii :3 eversince i stumbled across this game, imma too excited everytime. HEHE :b today was indeed productive. wake up, then packed my things to go back to Kuantan. Abah gave me this huge POLO bag. yipeeeeeee:) bought the new clothes already, thanks to Mak. ngehehe -.-' takpe lah , jeans beli lain kali. Mak said wait till i grow thinner abit. HAIYO :( 

excited waiting for the new sem to commence. new, well-improved friendships, juniors , registration and events ! DANG! EVENT! :b excited , hopefully the latest proposal i've come out with, will be approved :DD and then, his birthday on the 20th, our 4th monthlyversary on the 29th , too much happiness:)

pray hard for us ok? amin. :)

i noticed that i have been posting in manglish these few days. ahahaha , was influenced by Nelly bebeh. :P and was influenced to post up about my love life, thanks to Jo Yee bebeh :P the two girls that i love so much. :D well, i think that's ok, since i just want all of you understand what i'm about to tell , despite what kind of writing i'm using. 

anyways, the bestf is coming back for their sem break. Hopefully we can meet up soon. lama tak jumpa, rindu lah #grins :B going to be paid this coming Monday. first stop, the computer shop. #endlessmisery HUWAAAA ;( then only the rests. 

trust me, the payment ain't gonna be enough. but takpe lah, janji ada kan :)

best part? the sister coming back tomorrow as well. YEAY ;D sesi bergosip tengah malam lah, apa lagi kan. HEHE. :) a lot of catching up to do. tak sabar rasanya :) so, esok nak settlekan semua benda, and settlekan mana yang patut. next week gonna be packed , hopefully. 

I need Klang air too bad. HAHAHA :P 

now, I am addicted to Maddie Jane - Breakeven. Heavenly :) Makin jatuh cinta dengan penyanyi yang buat cover penyanyi asal. :) feeling boleh nyanyi gak sebenarnya. HAHAHA -,- nak habiskan sisa sisa cuti nie dengan senyuman ikhlas :DD

amek lah , free je pun :))

esok punya planning , sila tunggu ye 

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