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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Saturday, December 31, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Today is the 30th . Last 30th of my 19 years life. Hitting the big two-oh next year is definitely unappealing somehow. But then, alhamdulillah, I am blessed as I have the most amazing people around me ; me familia , Mak , Abah, Kaknyah , Yol and Adik and of course my boo , Muhammad Yusof Bin Fadhil. Not to be forgotten , my classmates of almost two years ; now in Semester 4 , I love all of you so much :)  my roommates ; Nadia , Shikin, Maton, Yaya and Boolat as well. Ya Allah , thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to get to know everyone around me . Thank you for showing me who's friend and who's foe. thank you for letting me to share and spread my loves to everyone around me. :)

Throughout this year, I have been facing so many things ; compliments , accusations and sarcasms. It has been hard , but it had made me stronger than ever. Today all of my family members are here at home , it is good to see all of them smiling and laughing happily :D Abah is still working , and frankly I miss seeing him during the daylight. He has been busy since forever. Abah, if abah to read this ; thank you so much. Kakak rindu sangat dengan abah, nak cium tangan abah bila balik kerja.  :)

I miss being a little kid. A little kid who only worries about her teddy bear and chocolate milk in the bottle. A kid who can laugh whenever and whatever. THAT , I miss being that kid. Now that I am all grown up, people being judgemental are actually considered normal. I have assumptions , and my assumptions are often wrong and misunderstood. I've grown up to gain haters and lovers. Never mind on that, I don't expect everyone who is reading to understand everything written in this post, this is just me being mellow dramatic all of sudden.

Some people just went all different after some phase. You will always have a friend who turned out to be a complete stranger by the end of semester / someone who are so close to you after some casual conversation or even someone who stabs you behind your back. How nice , right ? Experience taught me this, so be it. I have people who often shot me with killer stares , I mean ' the heck?' , but then again, this is really NORMAL.

In conclusion , ( as quoted by Izzaty Zawidi ) 2011 is the year that went by so fast , maybe a little too fast. It's the year your so called friends walk out of your life and it's the year you realized who the real ones are. It's the year I found a man who made me the happiest girl on the planet. It's the year I promised to accomplish so many things, but then again I waste it just like any other year. It's the year which I've move on, slowly and to realize it has only make me a better person today :)

Thank you 2011 . you'll be missed.

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