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Saturday, January 7, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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 bismillahhirrahmannirrahim ♡

so , another hectic week just ended. been busy settling the particulars for my event. alhamdulillah , everything went well , i guess :) surat sponsor untuk cash dah keluar :'D hari isnin settlekan lah. hewhew. result quiz ECO teruk T_T my fault tak study hard enough. D: takpe , harap-harap test ECO okay lah result dia :) AMIN. 

so semalam , I had dinner at Satay Zul with the boyfriend. Thank you so much sayang :") Sedap oh ! heee :'D then two days back, pergi Teluk Cempedak dengan Athirah. for the first time dapat lepak dengan Athirah for this week sebab she has been busy since forever :) we had KFC and then we headed to the beach and talk about almost everything :") then we had AKI burger for dinner , with Mel. hehe :b then only we went back home :) 

I just finished settling down all the particulars for the event . alhamdulillah , once again :) I am currently having my menses ( sorry, tmi , i know :p ) , tapi what i want to say is , i can now control my temper :'D yeay ! heeheee :b so , weekend ni nak siapkan semua kerja, BMD151 especially. Tugasan 2 is super crucial . HAHA ! kbye 

Weekend nie agak busy nak study for real. cannot tahan failing a subject every semester -_-" so yeah. Hewhew. jam pun dah pukul 6:30 ha -_-" nak kemas beg and things to bring on monday. assignment COM165 dah siap .... cover sahaja. STILL mencari topic untuk buat COM165 nie D: maybe Steve Jobs ? maybe Khairul Fahmi ? Adakah?? 

tetiba monolog sendirian kan eh 

Malam ni nak dinner with Zahir and Ika with the boyfriend as well. MUST NOT forget to bring my notebook , in case i got any ideas all of sudden later. HEHE :B today was blissful , i guess. Shikin gave me Kit Kat , Cadbury buttons and jelly beans all the way from Singapore :D 

Then, had brunch tadi at Secret Recipe dengan Mel . :) was planning to eat at Wafi , but heh , ' nasi tak masak lagi' D: so , since we got some ka-chings , we went there. Service was okay and I had chicken lasagna !! :b it was so nice and filling hehe ! 

still reading Cik Epal's blog :D blog dia best. hopefully i can be like her one day. HEHE :B didn't continue doing my BMD151 assignment since I am so carried away going online -_-" 

now dah siap everything , i wanna get ready before the boyfriend showed up ! tata ! :D

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