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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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Hello readers. EXTRA photos for today :> 

I went to Johny's with Asha , after half a day rotting at home :> Internet dah okay, thanks to Nadia :DD so yeah. I had Johny's steamboat and it was SUPERB ! :DD makan sampai full tank and then headed to the hospital since my cough is getting worse. (T_T) Makan-makan dekat Johny's was indeed fun. chit chatting with asha about so many stuffs. HEWHEW , i iz contented (Y) 

dekat hospital , had fun tgk asha edit assignment HTML dia . tak sabar nak amek OMT255 next sem . Hehe. :B doctor was really jovial and bubbly. :)) doktor comel tu cakap , aku ada batuk kering . batuk kering tu TIBI ke ? =.= serammmmmmm , tak nak kena TB! D: banyak doktor supplied ubat untuk ditelan setiap hari. ghasak ar ahahaha -.-

then after balik from hospital , asha dah lapar balik. so we went to Restoran Alif , next to Megamall . it was really nice. Maggi goreng mamak yang terbaik setakat ini di Kuantan. tapi sayang, kurang pedas. 

Ye lah , aku kan orang Jawa , harus lah makan pedas kan :P 

Saw Klinik Asmara for the first time. Hahaha , Mr. Lee asyik warning yg dia tak terima MC dari klinik Asmara. akhirnya termakbul jugak nak tengok Klinik Asmara real life :p Klinik Asmara jual MC kot -,- ceh, irresponsible people betul. HAIH 

anyways , after the early dinner , we went back home to our respective houses. Thank you asha sebab sudi layan i yang sangat randon ini. :) at night , went teman Mel dinner kat Purple Zone. Ate my medicines and then edited my assignments. It was such GOOOOOOOOOOOOD feelin' Hehe :B 

and well , what makes me happier is that quiz and test tunda next week . YEAY ! :B 

now , nak risau pasal event pulak. mana nak cekau RM5220 weh (--") 

oh , photos for today :)

asha :)

  yours truly :)

lepas steamboat dah masak :DD

my portion of steamboat. HEHE :b

early lunch @ Restoran Alif

( maggi gorang mamak and three layers tea )

and my medicines :/

tadi posted up gambar early dinner on facebook . it seems that John and Nad are pretty jealous :P come back to Malaysia . I'll treat the two of you those :> HEHE 

P/S : sorry if this post is kinda gibberish to be read hewhew 

okay, hitting the sack now. goodnight y'all :)