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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, February 16, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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The name is Nurul Dizamira Atika Binti Mohd Sikun. I came from a middle class family with Abah working as a lorry driver and Mak as a full time housewife. As you know, my life is not as fabulous as you may think it is. From the day I learned ABC, my parents have taught the REAL value of education ; how in being educated will make you a person. I don't owe any fancy dress that costs hundreds or even thousands , let alone up-to-date gadgets to be shown around.

People around me , my friends and course mates especially , think I am very "lucky" apakah?  because every time they ask about my assignments , I've always finished it before the dateline. But most of them know, on how I multitask every single day to finish everything nicely and almost PERFECT. hehe =p Kinda tired about people complaining about finishing up their assignments every day when the reality is that they are just procrastinating. well said , no ?

If I , and other people can managed their time well , so why not you ? :) Stop complaining and do everything on time. I admit, sometimes I procrastinate too , but lately I've realize on the importance of assignments. I mean, by doing your assignments , it will actually affect you as a whole :) Mentally wise and financial wise.

Actually for this semester, the money that is spent on me is alot. as in, massive -_-" my parents , who doesn't earn enough had to bear with it. Yes, I feel terrible having someone to pay for me although they themselves aren't capable of pampering themselves with the money they earn.

and THIS, is why I HATE people who have all the money in the world , but splurge it unwisely. Take the latest MARA loan application as an example, by the juniors. They kept on pushing the management about the cheque and all, saying that they need to pay for the college fees and bla bla bla , but then, at the end , I found out that some of them bought a smart phone ; BALCKBERRY to be exact and they did not pay whatever they promised too.

Where is the relevancy on that ?

I know it is the individual's right to use the money on whatever they please, but please settled your debt at the college. Don't you feel guilty owing people money? =p Like me, I don't owe the college anything anymore, but I owe A LOT of people money.

...and I ain't proud of it. (t__t)

 and there's people who proclaim that they are just "lazy" to go for classes and all , when they have the transportation ( a car or even a motorbike, mind you) and ZERO problems on money expenditure on assignments. Why ?? Just really, Why?? -_-" do you know how much people who LONG to continue their tertiary studies , but didn't get to, because of their financial problems.

I am very much blessed, because I got the chance to continue my tertiary studies , with the determination from my parents who want me to be at least a diploma-student , and also my aunts and uncle here.

and this brings me to my third point ; how my aunts and uncle who is apparently those rich posh who is running the college I'm studying at. Mind you people, I DON'T get any advantages at all when I'm college. Everything I am now at college, are based on my own effort. They are just supporting and advising my actions, that's all. So, please, stop claiming that I am those "privileged" student who get golden tickets for anything. Thank you.

I guess , I'll just stop here. Sorry if this bore you too much. Hehe :)

One more thing ; please just be yourself and be awesome always . Pray hard and love hard . loves !

your life is determined by YOU.

Do shine it with smiles and lots of love :)

Assalamualaikum and goodnight. muahs :) 

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