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envious, hatred
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Okay, so another batch of seniors just graduated few days ago. and the next semester will be mine. :') Seeing them graduated reminds me how time flies . I still remembered the first time I walked into the college's lobby , waving goodbye to my family as my dad drove away. All that - brings so much memories. Still remember the time I saw Madam Su during orientation , and I told myself ' I don't want to be involved anymore' and guess what ? I was running for the SRC's election as the Vice President during the second semester.

Man, time do flies.

After I've graduated, I hope to change the world, Insya-Allah. At least to see my parents smile proudly looking at me during my convocation. To forgive everyone for their wrongdoings at me , whole heartedly, to apologize to everyone for my wrongdoings at everyone.


Except for that (whatever name you shall call here ) .

I think I'll call him BLAH BLAH.

In case, you're gonna read this ( which I am pretty sure you will read it, since your friends practically stalk me - in a way, well-maybe - I don't know - yes ? no?) , I wish you'll remember that you once made my life a living hell by calling me ' TEETHmonster' over that certain someone's facebook ( shall not quote him or else, Sikun Hantu Gigi will be plastered all over his Facebook and Twitter timeline again)  , and quoting my chastity of double standards. I hope you're hell lot happier that thanks to you, I have never been so insecure before.

and I am still now.

Seeing your face almost everyday in college made me restless. fakyu . Slapping you hard across your face would be REALLY nice, but I guess all I am saying is just a metaphor. Haha, who am I to kid right? with your Fahrin Ahmad wannabe look, I am sure that really boost your tiny little heart.

and girl, I'm sorry . But I hate the fuck out of your boyfriend . (y)

I hope the sins you've did before will be worse that this , but oh well. it's up to the Above to judge. I know it is actually wrong not to forgive someone , but meh , I'll hold onto this grudge as long as I am capable of holding. and dude, DO remember ' What goes around , comes around ' Perhaps , if it is even true, you're that dude who talk about my chastity ay? or is it your Teletubbies friends?

Hmm. I have no idea.

Anyways, I hope you're having a wonderful years ahead with your girl and your studies. See you somewhere  in the future.