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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Love blurs your vision; but after it recedes
Sunday, March 18, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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, you can see more clearly than ever :)

Those moments when you're so happy you wish you could freeze time and live in that moment forever.

with Kak Fatin after ECO120 earlier today :)

with Pika, Ira and Pupu after a study session at Teluk Cempedak last week :)

with Nadia Ali during the first day of Fiesta Convo UCSA :)

With Ayuni and Syaika after Bukit Kuda 2009/2010 Prefect's Installation :) 

with Shemi during their fund raising at SPV / Semester 1 :) 

Mass Comm annual dinner , 2011 / Semester 2 :) 

with Sheikh Muhammad Lutfi at Esplanade Taman Gelora / 2011 :)

[photo removed]

with Fasha and Maddy before going to the War Of The Bands / Semester 1 :) 

With Assa at the library hallway :)

With Miss Hazie , at R&R Temerloh , on the way back from Putrajaya :)

With Athirah Azhar during food slections , Pizza Hut Berjaya Megamall :) 

With Akak ♥ , January 1st 2012 :) 

Hussein Shirazie, my brotha from another motha :) 

my other half ; sugarbaby :) 

Wan Nelly , waiting for BMD151 to start :) 

sayang's graduation :*

Didieeeee , Pizza Hut with the lovelies :)

Eiman Ezanee , Semester 1 :)

baby doll terlepas , Meliza Razali :)

Met Abang Syafiq when he paid Kak Fatin a visit the other day :)

Nena and Lynn , their first semester :) 

Ainnnnnnnnnnnn, Crocodile Rock, celebrating Maddy's 19th birthday :*

with Bella and Ain , Sukan Rakyat UCSA :)

Yatie, Nelly, Ira and Zaty, on the way to Putrajaya :) 

Kak Yuni, buka puasa , fasting month last year :)

Pika and Anje , OM114 Annual Dinner 2011 :)

With Fatin Fatihah :)

Afiq Ariffin, November 2010. Playground outside the house :)

Shikin, yours truly, Nadia , on the way to Pantai Batu Buruk, Terengganu/ 2010 :D

Nadia, upon reaching Pantai Batu Buruk / 2010 :)

First road trip , Semester 1 / August 2010 :)

Namie. Nadia. Aiman. Yaya. Wan. Yours truly. Shikin. Boolat :)
Tourist shot #1

Yaya. Akmal. Shikin. Boolat. Wan. Yours truly. Aiman. Namie.

With Boolat and Yaya, Girls day out to Sungai Lembing :)

[photo removed]

Before sending me to the terminal, in the car with Maddy and Wanie / Semester 2 :)

[photo removed]

Movie night with the girls :)

[photo removed]

Wanie. Maddy and Ain ; UTM Portfolio Day , 2012 :)

[photo removed]

In the SCC :) 

Rumah Terbuka Cascadia ; Tyra , Ika and Feyus :) 

The survivors of Gunung Tapis ; Dira, Sam, Ika and Kak Hajar :) 

Din and Amir , the  architecture boys :) 

and of course, 

the most memorable drawing ever by Izzah Fatihah / 2010 :) 

I love each and every single one of you who made my life a very colourful canvas by colouring it beautifully in your own ways

 - AS, February 2012 :)