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Catching up session
Wednesday, May 9, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Meet up with @kimzyness and @TirzahYeo yesterday during lunch. It was really great seeing them after more than two years already :D I came right on time ( as I was afraid of keeping people waiting ) and then had quite some times flipping the menu over and over again cuz I was bored :P 

At last, the two of them came. Was really ecstatic to finally got to chat with Kimmy after such a long time. :) we talked about Uni life, upcoming plans and etc. :D Kimmy is also being such a darling by giving Tirzah and I an instax film of the three of us *YAY!* :D 

here's a photo of the instax photos taken by Kimmy's Samsung :D

Had tonnes of fun as well chatting with Tirzah . and ahah missed hearing she said ; 'so lame ah you ' as she gave me the weird look :P the three of us had a great time catching up for almost an hour plus. Tirzah and Kim had a slice of cake while I tried the famous Secret Recipe fried rice with satay :D the dish was delicious! :D 

the following are a few photos taken by Tirzah. enjoy ! :)

Kimmy :)

yours truly ._.

The three of us :D 
the sexy cheek bones | the smiley eyes | the round face 

us with us :P

the lovelies :)

me and Kimmy :D

Overall, it was a great time spent :D Thank you darlings for spending your times with me . we must meet up soon ya? :D 

So... who wants a meet up next ? :D I sure want more of meet ups :P