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Thursday, May 24, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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today I am going to bitch rant about PEOPLE'S MENTALITY.

P/S : This blog post is purposely written in bimbo-nigga-ish style.
PP/S: If you're offended, then it's time to change. 
PPP/S: a lot of cussing. so yeah. 

you know how social networking sites nowadays have become so addictive that everything we do is somehow... a problem to someone else? every updates is like another person's life supply. cause ya know, it's fun to gossip about people nowadays, right? 

not cool. 

 trust me. 

So like.. on this very post, I am going to talk about few typical people's mentality/ slightly/ perhaps too much of retardation. some of them are based on my observations on Facebook/ Twitter / other networking sites.


I love this quote. Thank you, Fara Haness :) 

Anyways, back to the topic...


Heads up, that's racist yo! -.-" I AM offended when you talk about other races than mine in front of me because I happen to befriend with them since I was practically in nursery! Although i am not that much of 1Malaysia-spirited Malaysians, but still... they're human being that have feelings. and hell, some of them are really good friends of mine.

eg : " cina bodoh / dasar keling / melayu paria "

C'mon, where are you from? the 50's? that kind of mentality is wayyyyy past history. can you just forget what had happened in the past and MOVE ON? how are we supposed to grow up and be the awesome next generation if this kind of mentality has not changed? WORSE, calling 'em names like the examples above. IMMATURE, I must say.  so please, when you people feels like thrashing other races on Facebook / Twitter ( cuz perhaps it makes you feel SO superior/kewl liddat) , DELETE ME PLEASE.


 Why is it somehow, a SIN when a Malay (yes, quoting the Malays out there) try to speak English in front of their peers? and is it a must to laugh / sneer / smirk at them? and i got this, " eleh, perasan bagus lah tu, mentang-mentang pandai cakap omputeh " believe it or not, I still get this kind of remarks till now. UNBELIEVABLE. Sarcasms were the worst. Ohmai. Ulu people like you who is of course, offended by the statement, should really study on the importance of English nowadays. Will you? Can you? PLEASE?! Some other remarks are basically telling me that I am such a wannabe for wanting to improve my English. and some others pulak said that I've forgotten my roots since I converse English a lot. EH?! SERIOUSLY DUDE? is it wrong that I am actually doing something to improve my communication skills? I am not saying my English is perfect ( only telling you that it is deteriorating now tsk tsk -.- ) but at least (refer to the statement before) and AT LEAST (so many at least already) I am not faking my accent. Just don't try too hard, that's all.


Okay, this is actually from a personal experience. and I just want to say chances that it also happened to you, are likely true as well. you see, you will always have a friend who will took pictures with you and then freak out when you upload it on Facebook/ Twitter / etc . and went all, ' PLEASE DELETE MY PHOTOS WITH YOU' or 'CAN YOU REMOVE THIS PHOTOS, PLEASE?' or got into fights with his/her partner because of the picture and put ALL THE FREAKING BLAMES ON YOU . and well, it got me thinking, ' why the hell do you want to take photos with me in the first place and then ask me to take it down later?' If it's about family, i understand, but then if it is about your social circles, i also understand and congratulations! you made me pissed off as well !! YEAYS!! :D FYI, I also have the rights to the photos, okay? but then, we must not blame the other party. they also have the rights of the photos, kan? so, whattodo, right?

My advice is: when you take a photo with someone, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEE let them know in advance that you doesn't want it to be uploaded ANYWHERE and only for the sake of memories and all that shit. ;)




this is a trend nowadays. I don't know who started all this shit, but it grossed me out. and all the budak hots are like in desperation to have fake relationships on Facebook. Sumpah sangat lah lame and weird -.- I mean, your friends are cheering because you have a fake relationship with a friend / someone else of your gender ? and not a real one? all i can say is, MISTER, YOU ARE INDEED FOREVER ALONE. ;) even it is for fun, it still shows that you are not taking the relationship phase seriously, that's all.


I don't really mind people quoting certain famous people (because I do it sometimes as well) , but it is now getting on my nerves that they are (in a way) worshiping that certain someone's quotes? weird but true. MY NEWS FEEDS IS FLOODED WITH THE SAME SHIT LOADS OF QUOTES AT SOME POINT. GEEZ. it's like saying, omaigod im so kewl cuz i post this quote and all that shit.  honestly, i find it rather annoying cuz I don't know, i hate it? sorry, bitches.


Have you ever encountered anyone saying that high school or college; these two phase in life are too fast for people our age ( 16 - 25 years old ) to be in a relationship? and well, with all the advance technologies these days, it is sure as hell, these nosy people will STALK you and your love life on Facebook/ Twitter. so yeay for STALKERS ! :D for me, I REEALLLLLLY appreciate all the advice, undivided attention and all, but then what I couldn't stand is, you people talking about my personal life BEHIND my back ! and then telling people about it like you have nothing better to do ?! who told you that it is actually fine to talk about someone else's life behind their back? certainly not me. Hahaha but SERIOUSLY, BACK OFF! and yes, I am offended by the remarks you told people about me. and to my family and relatives? Personal much?  I don't know. before this thing goes way out of hand, one advice for you nosy people, stop being so nosy about people's love life/ personal life. if your intention is good, then it's okay. otherwise, off you go, PLEASE, THANK YOU :B

Nonetheless, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right? and these are my opinions. If you're offended, then I am sorry but yeah, if you think you're the one i'm talking about. please change. I myself have flaws, and I am admitting it when I am wrong, but seriously, I am not asking for much, not your money or luxurious items, but perhaps small changes and gestures, will make you a lesser pain in everyone else's asses.

and I have to say that I am so grateful that I have been blessed with amazing family, boyfriend and friends that have been with me through thick and thin. Being with them, knowing them from time to time really changes the way I think and I act. and to Mak and Abah, thank you so much for giving me your blessing in whatever I do for twenty years and more to come. I love you all so much :)

Fried rice, anyone?