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Out of the blueeeee
Saturday, May 26, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I arranged some meet up(s) with my friends before I leave for Kuantan next week, and I met Jo Yee, Cherrie, Seow Wei, Xin Yi, Sally and Michelle Tee as promised at Aeon Bukit Raja near my house ;) Met up at Starbucks at around 8:30-ish . :) I was the first one to arrive so I head to and bought plain water and some mentos since my mouth was dry.

Jo Yee came a little later. We went to buy Jo Yee's McValue dinner and then lepak at Starbucks, again. Then we started chit chatting about the current events in our life, boyfriends (for sure) and of course some other girly stuffs. Cherrie came a little later, looking like her exhausted self, cuz she's only been back from Cheras, after her Chemistry exams. then Sally came, and then a little while lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer, Xin Yi came with Sally and her friend, Ee Wang and Michelle Tee.

We actually talked about a lot of things ; other than I've mentioned earlier. Cherrie is planning to hike Mount Kinabalu on July. and I am so excited for her. envious, actually -.-"" Then Jo Yee said, they're planning to go to Langkawi in August or earlier. so, they invited me and le boyfriend. :D I didn't agree immediately, cuz well, I got to ask him first (obviously) hee :)

And then I went back around 10 something  and fetch my sister. First time keluar malam, naik moto sorang-sorang. muehehehehe (*¯︶¯*) (emoticons kena tak? haha :P ) but then, i was EXTRA careful of the surroundings. Bahaya kot. Thugs are everywhere. Seriau dengar cerita kawan Jo Yee. He got mugged during DAYLIGHT ! o_____o so yeah. Alhamdulillah, selamat sampai rumah , safe and sound :)

Here are some photos to feast your eyes lol ;

This is Cherrie. She's flying to UK soon. Gonna miss her ;______; 

This is Seow Wei. She is now studying International Business at... i forgot XD 

We are the ones Jo Yee called 'specky cuteness' :P

The three of us. 

P/S: Cherrie's tee is so adorable t___t

all of us :D 

Xin Yi. Me. Seow Wei. Sally. Cherrie. Michelle Tee. 

and of course, 


me, an attempt to look adorable lol ♥