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Si gadis
Monday, June 25, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hi, saya si gadis bergincu merah hari ini ;)

Just nak bagitau yang starting from this week onwards, jadual dah jadi sangat hectic --' since kolej and the staffs (including the lecturers) are involved (most of them) , so banyak kelas takdek for a week. Bila check balik, amekaw banyak nak kena catch up okay! --" tapi takpe, insya-Allah, Allah akan permudahkan everything. AMIN :)

so far, assignments in progress are LAW, BEL and also ENT. and alhamdulillah, dah boleh adapt every subjects slowly. weee ! :D esok kelas only on 2:30 pm (heaven kejap) . but I am going to college early in the morning, sebab nak settlekan assignment BEL and also assignment ENT :) oh lupa, esok ada test buat gant chart untuk OMT255. senang la jugak since last week dah practice. Mudah-mudahan :) hehe

and my tummy has been aching since yesterday. pagi tadi kononnya nak puasa, tapi tak jadi puasa. adeh T_T sakit perut okay! dah letak minyak angin semua. Haih :( BBM with le master, and he asked me to try soya for an instance. Hmm, esok lah master, wokay ? :') Speaking of BBM, my baby berry is now only 8 days old. Heh. got 72 BBM contacts already. hihi. but like too much --" tapi takpe lah, might come in handy one day :) oh and i am lovin' Whatsapp application on baby berry as well :) yang guna android, kita Whatsapp je okay? :D

Kelas habis awal hari ni. Miss Visya has something on. Luckily she covered everything as always. then ingatkan next class pukul 4:30 petang. Menapak kat kolej okay! sebab kelas ENT pun cancel jugak --' and you know what? I totally forgot yang kelas 4:30 pm tu cancel. so, I practically waiting for 3 hours for nothing. //shootself

Petang tadi early dinner with Maddy and Ain. Alhamdulillah, Maddy is recovering. Get well soon, Maddy love ! :) and then tangkap gambar dengan Ain jugak :) suka sangat ! love love :) amek gambar guna baby berry je. then edit bila balik umah :)

Ain :)

Maddy :)

the three of us. sangat suka effect ni! :)


4 gambar skali. compiled ;)

after Maddy hantar balik, did some catching up with Harris :) It has been a while since we had some times together. Berbonding :) then kena perli and kena bahan. macam biasa --' anyways, it was good knowing he's doing well now. Girl, please take good care of him :) dekat nak Maghrib baru sedar diri nak masuk rumah. Haha, rumah sejengkal je pun :p Then malam till now, just went online, finishing up my articles to be discussed tomorrow with my partner. Next week nak anta. memang tak ah --' ahaha ! Well, itu sahaja untuk hari ni. See you soon, readers :) 

Assalamualaikum and good night :)