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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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and there goes all the leaves, lying, undead
Tuesday, July 24, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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everything is fading, shimmering in a way. unexplained.

I miss writing my deepest thoughts right in this blog. Everything was so carefree back then. I felt like a victim of the modernization world. Ahaha, seriously -_- I don't get why some people had to be THAT lifeless to post nasty stuffs about me online. Am i that annoying? or you're the annoying one? :P Oh well, end of story-telling session.

Takdek benda sebenarnya nak post :P sebab dah lama tak blogging. so yeah, I am here to clear my blogging debts. okay first nak cerita about MPPK that happened 4 weeks back. it was held in ESTET in Bangi. overall it was awesome. Met some amazing people there. and some of them graduated already. ah, missing them so much now :/ oh oh, dapat cuci mata jugak since I got to sit down with the amazing people from UTEM and UTP and of course the one from UM. Mwahaha! :P Missing Parvindran, Naily baby ( idk why I love calling her name with baby ahaha :P sorry baby :P ) , Ikhwan ^_^ , Azfar, Thayalan, Saufi and another girl. aaaaaa, lupa nama *hantuk kepala kat dinding* =.= and of course, melted straight away as I chat with Azfar. Bront Paralae boleh? Haha :P Mai oh mai :P and Ikhwan reminds me of Zarul back in Kuantan. tempat pun sama. acane? aiyokkk haha :P then lepak-lepak with other MPPs as well. Got to get along with Kak Jijah, Ateng and their friends. sakit perut -.- tak senonoh tau kakak dua orang tu hahaha ! and le Big Boss suka panggil ai yang comel ni budak kecik . Wadehel *muka comel yang marah* haha :p

MPPK is all official stuffs la of course. Kenot to hyper there. what I can tell you is that I am very lucky to be a part of them since their input is so good. Kenot do that now. In depth research okayyy. but congrats to all paperworks presenters, Frany, Saufi and another guy ( Makin pelupa aku ni) :D during MPPK, I had so much fun indeed. talked about a lot about the college's facilities, and stuffs. :)) I stayed in the same room with Ayuni. :) Discussions pun sampai lewat malam, so yeah. Jadi panda(s) balik. ahaha :P

then isu fake facebook account ai. eh, skip la.

and then, bulan Ramadhan pun tiba. dah puasa ketiga. Alhamdulillah, so far so good :D hari-hari mesti camwhore dengan baby monza si Nelly. haha sampai orang tanya kenapa asyik post gambar kitaorang dua orang :P sorry la, suka sangat tangkap gambar :P start buat sit ups dengan dian dalam bilik, everyday before we went to bed. penat =.= assignments and datelines jangan ceritaaa. aaaaaa, boleh ting tong. stress semua ada. luckily, I have the amazing people who supports me all the way. thank you loves :*

tadi lepak dengan Danial, Harris, Syuk and Hussein. My babyboys all grown ups. Alololo c: Harris dengan Syuk tak senonoh ajar ' sejukkk sejukkk' dalam library tu. ahahaha ! =.= it felt good after talking to them. Harris Sepet, race jom? EH? :D thank you Danial for the opinion. Will take it into consideration :') then pegi cuci mata sekitar kolej dengan Nelly. HERHER tak patut di cuba masa bulan puasa ni haha ! :P Met Baim comel and Syafiq limited edition after class :))

Syafiq merajuk dengan kak tika eh comel? alooo :p

Went back home by bus since sayang kenot fetch moi at college. got myself juadah berbuka and then slept. bangun sendiri sebab takdek siapa kejut. tsk tsk :p then berbuka, and then buat assignments sampaaaaaaaaaaaai sekarang. //backaches -.-

weee, dah update dah. :D

Nelly bebeh and yours truly :D 

Assalamualaikum and goodnight, everyone :)