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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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well oh well
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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thirty more days to go, and I am hitting the big two-oh. 

meet my arjuna ♥ . ♥

if you noticed, i did not post about our first year anniversary. ops XD it was okay actually. day was spent well. and alhamdulillah, one years already and still going strong. 

and thank you baby for the shopping spree :* 

... will post about our one year celebration, later XD

as you all know, kita dah nak pun raya *happy dance* :D alhamdulillah, the 26th day, still healthy and well :) so far, a lot has been happening. the past three weeks have been a living hell. not enough sleep, not enough time for almost everything. almost break down, but I didn't. neways, just so you know, I went back to Klang last week with Miss Ida. ehehe. ty miss :p from Wangsa Maju, I took the lrt to KL Sentral and from KL Sentral i took the ktm back to Klang. Long hours, but I made it. *phew* :)

Went out with Melvin, celebrated his birthday. Setia City Mall is awesome! :D shall go there often next time hee :p jumpa Syaika secara tidak sengaja, so happy can die! XD few days later, I went for iftar at the TPM's house in Putrajaya. Met my fellow #TeamMPPK , especially the guys from UTeM, UM and UTP :)) Too bad Naily and Thayalan couldn't make it ;/ we had so much fun catching and gossiping session later with Kak Jija and Ateng. Ateng ku sayang. ekekeke :p

Took photo with the TPM as well. he is so....down to earth. so.... fragile XD non-stop chit chatting with Azfar who sat next to me, and his President Saufi was also there :D Spotted the big guns of MPPK, Hazman and the rest. Practically pester him for duit raya the whole evening. hahaha :p NAK DUIT RAYA! :p 

and then the submission week. it was hell, literally. head almost exploded due to stress and lack of energy. end up sleeping in most of the class =.= lecturers didn't mind, but sorry still ;p finally submitted everything today. done, done and done . Alhamdulillah :) boleh tarik nafas lega sikit :p 

oh, one of the big brothers came to Kuantan. Le master. He took me to Lila Wadi and we practically talked for ours. Lucky for me and my mulut becok, it wasn't so awkward ( who am I kidding?! tak awkward pung) :p after listening to him, i am actually considering to take up Degree in PR. Maybe XD but being a good daughter (which I am), I am going to work first, and THEN insya-Allah will continue my degree :) 

been so random these few days, texting some old friends, calling them at such late hours. semua dah gila . ai lagi la ahahaha (-__-") 

as I said earlier, a lot has been happening, heartbroken, rekindle, just got into a relationship and so much more. with Raya feeling is so close, just around the corner, I am wishing everyone well and please take good care of yourself, okay? :)

I want to write more, tapi takut uolls bosan. so now, I shall feast all of you handsome and gorgeous people with some photos ; 

le girls ; Nelly and Zaty during our class iftar @ Padang MPK 1 the other day :)

le master :D 

this is me, being vain. ahaha :p

Meet the super-pretty-girlfriend of mine ; Syaika Rafik :D

Spending the evening with Melvin Tan :D 

my fellow #TeamMPPK *hugs* :)

this is Muhammad Azfar. he is a spy. 

... okay I lied XD yang penting baju kami sedondon ;D

Ikhwan Ikhwan Ikhwan ;D

big brothers. RINDU ;/

ni kes promote tudung XD haha ada orang marah bila keluar dengan dia selekeh je. yelah :p 

baby berry's new casing for Raya :DD

and of course, 

PURPLE POWER! ehehehe :p 

done blogging for now. I hope I have settled my blogging debt somehow. ahaha ;p see you guys around ! 


P/S : nak duit raya? ;p