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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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six days away
Sunday, September 9, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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you know what i mean ;)

the whole day was spent watching Leverage, literally. Me so lazy that I laze around and do nothing. haha! Alhamdulillah, I am so excited turning 20 next week. hee! :D semalam was not really in the mood. Pardon my manglish, feels like blogging this way at the moment. lol. tapi takpe la, i rather not speak about it ._. baby berry is turning four months old :) hehe. got to spend the day with baby today :) super happy ! ;* he was busy the whole week and so was I :')

so today, I managed to clean up my wardrobe and washed the dirty clothes. I had a good day today, alhamdulillah :) baby really helped in easing my worries here. gonna miss him so much when i grad in october :"( finger crossed that I'll be coming to KTN more often, or he come down to KLG more often. A lil something to pay to sustain the relationship at the HAPPY-O-METER phase :B

to conclude the whole week, IT WAS HELL. not really, but so close to it -.-" I had some wardrobe malfunction and i had some misunderstanding with my girls as well. it was pure torments ._. but it was all well  in the end :) send my sister to UiTM as she was accepted to further her degree there, taking Journalism for 4 years. good luck kiddo ;) the journey from home was okay. Abah, Mak, baby, and Edy tagged along to send her off. Hekeleh, dari rumah 20 minit je pun -.-" accommodation was just okay. but orientation week was pure hell for her. HAHA. poor you :p Glad all is done now heh


then i came back to Kuantan with baby :) it was a great journey back home indeed. :) i also had meeting for my #KembaraKemboja due in November. am in charge of the sponsors. super nervous. hope i can pull everything off :x not gonna talk much about it till it is confirmed for real :)) Sha also offered me a role in his latest play in January :) excited max since my character is said to be like Upin and Ipin. HEHE :B 

We are finally done with our presentations, the crucial ones which are ENT300 and BEL313. Nerve-wrecking, but we ended with a bang. Now only waiting for ENT300's business plan to be returned back to us so that some amendment can be made. ACC106's book of entity is all done, thanks to Nelly's hard works ♥ :) alhamdulillah jugak bila list sponsors and surat dah siap ditaip. hari isnin jumpa Miss Sue untuk final checking and i shall post out the sponsorship letters to the fellow potential ones. Hehe :'D 

babygirls :)

Sebenarnya baru dapat betul-betul berehat lepas dua minggu yang sangat lah mencabar. macam orang gila berkejar ke sana ke mari. adoi la ._. tapi okay kot. and aku jugak dah bergiat aktif balik dengan instagram. now tak banyak gambar lagi, sebab post gambar from instagram pun, pinjam HTC EVO3D Nadia. Hehe. Semalam merempit ke ECM and TC with Nadia. lepak kejap and met baby. kesian baby penat, terharu sebab dia offer nak teman to TC after that. nawh, isokay, sayang :)

everything was 50/50 just okay except for the fact yang ada jugak yang bangang STILL suka sangat bahan aku. mofo. nasib baik aku jenis yang tak suka cari gaduh, buat bodoh je la. tapi sempat bagi sedas dua. bhahaha! takpe la, tak terima pun takpe. siapa la aku kan? sampai TL harus kena samak sebab tulis nama aku. WADEHEL, that is not a JOKE. that is .... ( i don't now what to say) 


silap la cari pasal dengan atika sikun kan? bahahaha -.-" ah aku ni, cakap konon macam besar sgt dah, tapi ceh, tengok kalau depan-depan kan? * tunjuk L dekat diri sendiri* please tampar diri sendiri, atika -.-" and dafuq, how many times do i have to tell everyone my name is spelled ATIKA? i don't know who the hell is ATIKAH by the way. tyvm. nonetheless, the issue is all settled. konon call iqbal nak mengadu, hambik iqbal pun busy layan eina dekat kedai. haha. sorry kacau :p call syahid tak angkat. last-last whatsapp hibri jeh lagi bagus. HAHA! aku memang kuat mengadu :p abang banyak kan? :B 

today pulak, lepas golek-golek sepanjang hari tengok Eliot yummeh on laptop, keluar dengan baby to ECM and then TC. saje lama tak keluar dating. silap langkah bila pakai wedges. haha. dah lah tinggi, mampu pulak aku jalan terkedek-kedek ._. neways, i had Chatime at TC. it was such a disappointment. adoi la. next time jangan jual mocha please. tawar ;_____; then jalan-jalan and i saw this amazing Spidey three-quarter shirt . would have buy it straight away if it wasn't for the little amount of money left for me to spend till tomorrow. hopefully on monday night still ada lagi. boleh belikan untuk baby :) just so you know, my boyfriend is a true comic geek, literally. he follows all those sequels of Batman, Superman, Justice League, Avengers etc. HAHA! so cute okay :B nomnom-ing over his dorkiness :B okbye

so, bila nampak all this t-shirts, rasa nak belikan untuk dia. sebab dia tak berapa minat benda-benda lagi. not even gadget. he's obsessed with cartoons, video games and well, comics. haha :p insya-Allah, eh baby? nanti i belikan :)) :* i think I shall stop writing now. it is getting late and i got to wake up early tomorrow to do my Account assignments. Assalamualaikum and goodnight everyone! :) 

cutest photo taken so far with baby berry :p 

Cheeriyo ;)