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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, October 4, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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first and foremost,


he's an old friend of mine, still keeping in touch and am currently swooned by his hairstyle :P not to be forgotten his darling girl, SARAH ever pretty as always :))

and YES, i still remember you full name XD


(i hope not) 


I am actually sensing that I am losing the magic touch here ._. Barely updating my blog with any fun updates, mostly random stuffs and all. haha sorry ai iz random indeed. I also noticed that most of my blogging mates have stopped blogging for such a long time and I am just not ready of giving it up, yet :p so yeah, here's an update. Heh -.-

I just came back from a kononnya all nighter studying session with Baim, Nadia and Miri at McD Indera Mahkota earlier in the evening. and I ended studying a bit la, and went cray cray on Instagram the whole time. lol.

Nadia said muka perasan comel :p 

Nadia and Miri :D

Nadia and Baim decided to go all weirded with my whatsapp and they whatsapp-ed Syafiq ._. hilarious until kenot stop laughing. hahahaha (--") after McD, Nadia and I headed to Teluk Cempedak for some Chatime retreat. I am officially in love with their Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea. noms :B 

oh, and I got a souvenir from Maddy, all the way from Singapore. Thank you Maddy! hehe :DD 

straight away hooked it at my Blackberry :))

today is my off day from my teater workload. hehe. so i spend the day studying and not eating, literally. so at around 6 p.m, baby came and we both go for our breakfastlunchdinner ._. we went to Nasi Dagang Sofiya. very nice place and affordable too (Y) Baby is not feeling well at the moment, i guess. he is tired and cranky lately. hmm. nevermind then. rest well, sayang :) 

I finally got through whatsapp-ing Naqib all the way in Bangalore and Yen Yen in Ireland. Yeap, missing my friends who are abroad at the moment :c having so much with Naqib's companion. He never fails to keep me sane lol :p yes, I might be visiting you two one day. Insya-Allah heh :) 

I think , I overthink lately. Thinking about the simplest thing and made it complicated? I REALLY NEED TO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT lol. Sebenarnya I am starting to miss Kuantan badly. Like seriously badly. Lagi sebulan je dekat Kuantan ni haaa T^T oh well. Life must go on :)) 

Tetiba teringat teater. Alhamdulillah, follow up so far okay je. Need to update everything ASAP. Brrr. Rasa nervous pulak =,= Insya-Allah, dipermudahkan :) This time, our route is heading to Kemboja. Beijing soon, Insya-Allah :) Esok nak follow up balik, Heh :) Lepas final stay sini for only about a week and then I will head back home. no more Kuantan :') Baby is going to UTM this coming 14th for his UTM graduation. am wishing I can go, but I have paper that day :c how saddening *sigh Have fun in Skudai, baby :* 

Esok I have Principle of Corporate Compliances ; OMT340. which is actually LAW. haha. dah baca. Need to read more tomorrow. Heh -.- Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan segalanya :') Baju dah siap semua, tinggal nak bawak diri sahaja. Lol. Esok jugak ialah 4 Oktober. My sister's 19th birthday. She called me just now since it is already 12 a.m. woot woot :b 


I need to start writing back. In need to pour out all these creativity (kononnya) extravagant thoughts of mine. I do miss writing T^T soon, hopefully. Insya-Allah :') My grammar and vocabulary are getting rusty. need to read more :3 

Tadi mengemas baju kan, tetiba terfikir bila lagi nak pakai semua baju ni balik. heh in need of wardrobe shopping as well. memandangkan banyak sangat baju nak didermakan. heeee :) sedang cuba memakai semua tudung kembali. fuh. hari tu shopping inner neck (sort of) and nak shopping lagi :) 

sekarang ni mood entah apa-apa. need to rest now since i gotta wake up at subuh, later :) Baby is not replying my whatsapp. grr. sedap sangat tido la tu u___u kfine. imma just scroll my phone to see any updates or just head to bed in a jibby (whichever comes first) :D 

thank you for reading all this ramblings XD Assalamualaikum and goodnight y'alls :* 

P/S : Lepas final, baru boleh berjimba sepuas hati. lulz