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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Remember my interview as a Membership Consultant at Fitness First yesterday?


I am officially employed! Alhamdulillah :D 

The day went rather well, although I lost my IC, got lost around the Mont Kiara area (seriously lost) tak pernah jejak kaki kat Mont Kiara langsung sebenarnya ><" then running out of money and other things else! hehe! accompanied by Maddy, kitaorang firstly lunch dekat IKEA, makan meatballs dia hihi :D sebab Maddy kata dia dah lama mengidam meatballs, and takdek teman hehe :D alhamdulillah, after lunch, we headed to Mont Kiara. Honestly kitaorang sesat. terpaksa U-Turn haha :P 

then dah sampai 1 Mont Kiara, melilau pulak cari Fitness First punya office. OFFICE, not the CLUB. Pusing, pusing and pusing sampai rasa nak nangis haha :p Nasib baik Maddy dah menenagkan diri ini and then alhamdulillah jumpa :) I was rather late and apologized immediately. Luckily, Mr. Rich (the person responsible interviewing me) was a very friendly man and was okay with it hehe (promise it won't happened again :p ) I really had a blast, with him interviewing me hee! and well, HE SAID YES STRAIGHT AWAY! :D 

He said I am a ball of energy :P

Maddy Hayazi, thank you so much :*

Then we headed back home, of course ada tangkap gambar jugak :p and then settled everything steps by steps. From my missing IC, theater practice, driving class and all. PHEW. Alhamdulillah jugak, semua settled dah. Lega sangat. Mr. Prabhu, my BOSS is super nice and I already super sayang him hihi :D 

and again, alhmdulillah, all is well :D sekarang nak betulkan laptop jeh. Adoiiiii ;____;