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itsy bitsy taste of lemon, anyone?
Monday, December 31, 2012 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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the last day of 2012. and it is 2013 tomorrow.

mere perfection, you can tell. 

so many things happened this year and so many memorable things happened. either way, I am utmost grateful :) Graduating with flying colours (no repetition of any subjects, 'flying colours' enough for me. heh ) . So many recaps got me all nostalgic all of sudden. I remembered telling myself earlier this year, full of hope: let this year be a great one for yours truly. and Alhamdulillah, it did. I am really trying hard to get back on the track and let me tell you one thing; it ain't that easy.

2012 has been a wonderful year. *pops confetti

The year indeed started with a bang, full of surprises and excitement. as I was doing my 4th semester in college, I had trouble juggling my times between work, assignment and darling love. it was four helluva months of pain and sufferings but i got through anyways. That was only January till April. Psh. I also got to be in a teater , it was my first surelism theater and it was really interesting. I got to develop another character that was given by the director, a woman (a nanny actually) who is 20 years older my age. 

Praise to Allah SWT, for giving me the strength to get through the hardship , to be there for my family when they need me the most, to be a friend for everyone and also to darling love :) Another highlight of the year was on June 3th, my Abah's 55th birthday - he got robbed and brutally hit by the robbers. Had a massive cut and stitches later and two months after, he is all well. alhamdulillah :) 

Then on October 19th, I finally graduated , finishing my Diploma on time. Kudos to me and fellow graduates :DD During raya break, baby came down to Klang and he met my family. Mak and Abah seem okay with him? lol and i also got to meet his father and mumsie before our trip to Terengganu and Kelantan ♥ 

November was also a remarkable month for me - I finally flew out of the country for the first time in 20 years and got myself a decent job :D went to Cambodia and straight for job interview the following day. Phew. 

and there is December - i took my JPJ test, and failed :c bought a new laptop, experience my first ever massive flood when i was in Kuantan and getting ready for my first official day of work - tomorrow.

I think all these conclude my roller coaster of a year. There are things that happened in between the months that I didn't mention about, has their own highlighted event of the month, you just have to read through my archives. Heh. 

and now , the PEOPLE - the people who made everything so much easier for me at times I am down. My happy pills, the faces that I missed out the entire year, my homies back home, my MPP friends, me familia, darling love, my work colleagues and every single person who made this girl smiling all year long. Thank you so much, deep down my heart, I am very blessed to have YOU, YOU and YOU, full of positive vibes all around me :)

and alhamdulillah, my girlfriends who made me a better person. those who went for hijrah, to be better. alhamdulillah :)  I now promise myself, to be better in every single aspects possible, to be a better daughter, a better Muslimah and a much better person in the future. Insya-Allah. Aminnnnn :)

Lastly, to the babies of the year;
 Eiman, Nadiah, Faraa Haness and of course, my 13 years buddy since primary, Sanjeeva Rao, 


Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers for the amazing year ahead! 2013, rock on! xx :D