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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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i don't know what am i doing
Monday, January 14, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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officially driving now. Yes, driving. *turn on Chamillionaire-Ridin' lol

just finished my fourth day of MC2Bronze training at 1 Mont Kiara. Now I am more independent than before. Hehe. dah tau the right way to travel. even to other clubs also I am well aware of it already. hehe. then bonded with my fellow MCs. amazing and very comical people. PT training with them soon! yeayyyy :D 

sekarang sangat jarang ye nak update blog (as you can see) . reason: takdek masa nak on laptop dan update blog. gonna buy much compatible smartphone so that i can blogged straight away. Hehe :D now tengah simpan duit sebab nak keluar dengan girlfriends soon. hee! :) oh, I already drove to two places with Mak and Kaknyah. photo above was when we went to Setia Alam's night market. hehe c: 

lately nie takdek mood sangat nak text orang lain except few close ones. rekindle (sort of) with Nadiah, and then whatsapp few of my girlfriends. aish. susahlah bila baby punya phone tak elok :c rasa nak belikan sekarang jeh phone baru HAHAHAHAHA :b rindu tak menahan. aha :b

i miss my club so much. tak sabar nak balik club and then learn more. 

lately nie jugak hati gundah gulana. tengok vision board aku and then i ask myself, 'can i achieve all this?' i know what am i currently doing and what i want to achieve. Ya Allah, tolonglah hamba Mu ini. Amin O:) lepas tu hari sabtu lepas, kacau Ashwin dekat club. hehe. rindu i en en en? thank you for the roti pita. delicious! :) then discussed about things, and then i headed home :)

oh, i am definitely losing my magic here. oh well. 

P/S : moment of truth, soon. DIE BITCH, DIE.