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Wednesday, May 22, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm BACK! 

*sapu habuk* 

I've been gone for quite sometimes, but iols dah muncul kembali. herher :P been busy with work, acah-acah PM gitu, maaflah ye? hari ni off day, jadik mungkin satu blog update wouldn't hurt. lol basically, to sum up the month of May, banyaklah jugak benda yang dah berlaku. HAPPY HAPPY things :D hehe! 

as per my last blog update, my graduation at UiTM. Istiadat Konvokesyen ke-78 :D 

it was really really hot, and i almost fainted. PANAS WOI! -.-" tengah lautan manusia semuanya lah. sayang forgot to wear formal, jadi terpaksa mencanak di luar haha sorry -.-" seronok sangat jumpa kengkawan lama, zaman-zaman muda trang-trang gito, menggulung diploma bersama-sama :') my darling girls all grown up already. jumpa parents mereka semua, ada yang first time jumpa hehe :p and also since (as mentioned earlier) i am tight up with work, jadi rembat jeh lah baju nikah mak 22 tahun lepas. muat lagi oh :O pinggang kerengga uols, kalah i :p 

the convocation ceremony really took some times, and i actually doozed off at interval. lol sorry :p mak dengan gigih menunggu sampai ceremony habis (tak boleh keluar pun) then kita pun tangkap gambo sesama lah. hehe :D 

here's some of the photos;

thank you love ♥ 

Mak, Amira and I :) 

my classmates ; 2 1/2 tahun berjuang bersama-sama.
 all the best in life, girls :) 

sikit je. yang lain boleh tengok dekat sini

Alhamdulillah, I am officially a graduated UiTM student,
 Diploma in Office Management and Technology.
*pops confetti*

*pops more confetti* *square dance* 

and also, my 3R casting @ Red House Talent Studio last Sunday. To those yang tak tau pasal 3R, as quoted by their Facebook page; 3R- respect, relax, respond, a TV program aimed to empower young women on issues of gender discrimination, sexuality and technology. VERY VERY MEMORABLE TV SHOW INDEED! I practically grew up watching them on how to survive my teenage years to adolescence. hehe! Cool kan? :D you can check 'em out here


Heh :P

#Projek3R #3Rkembali


Gigih dari pagi travel ke SS2 Mall bersama Noah Alias yang jadi peneman pada 19 Mei hari tu. Thank you, you! :D Thank you jugak to Syahirah and Nora who gave me a call earlier to go for the casting. Forever grateful. Hihi :) Sampai sana kena pair up with one of the candidates here; Zurin nama dia. Second-year UiTM Law student, only a year older than yours truly. We clicked instantly and decided to go for the topic of snatch theft. It was a really good topic, and me being a former debater and she being a  law student, we actually managed to pull out some statistics and facts during the casting. fun fun fun!

Rasa rendah diri tu memang ada. semua orang vogue and meletops, diri tuan hamba yang kerdil ini tak punya apa-apa. cewah :P haha! ada sesetengah candidates macam paranoid when i sat next to them. chill chill -.-" as Mak always say, 'kalau ada rezeki tu, takkan ke mana' alhamdulillah, the interview went really well and i went back home with a happy feeling :D Praying for the best for everyone :) 

thank you, Encik Khairul Anuar Alias for the ride! :) 

and then i head to Setia City Mall to meet the amazing Ms.Tan and David Yong :) Head to Fitness First Setia City Mall, wash up and then catch up with 'em and then went to Sweet Cha to get durian crepe for my sister. 

nom nom nom :P 

Muka penat -.-

my #OOTD for the day. 

Perut buncit kthnxbye. 

Work is tiring but fun. Ate super a lot during working hours and after working hours. Favourite food is Texas Chicken (amazing chicken and even mouth-watering coleslaw) at Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang and also Nasi Lemak Hong Leong Bank which is nearby Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1 :D we call it Nasi Lemak Hong Leong Bank because it is located behind the Hong Leong Bank hehe :p SUPERB SAMBAL AND CHICKEN! hehe :P 

i am hungry now :P

LIFE IS HECTIC, BUT FUN. WORK IS TIRING BUT FUN. MAKING EVERYTHING FUN IN EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE. haha :) Missing everyone in college, high school, primary school, missing my teachers and lecturers, oh ya! HAPPY BELATED TEACHERS' DAY! :V I hope everyone is doing good, well in life. Aminnnnn :) 

and you can catch me here too! 




ps Congrats Nurul dapat anak buah perempuan! Hi Zarra! :) Congrats mummy Shuhada! :)
pps I am hungry
pps I still think boys with specs are cute kbai