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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It felt like high school again

Peeping through the windows, with Will I Am - This Is Love playing on replay, I look back on what had happened for the past few weeks. I grew up, that's for sure. The people who who made all this happened, bid farewell at a single glance. Sales Manager, Prabhu Sithamparan transferred to Summit. It was really heartbreaking seeing him leaving. No more corny jokes and chit chats, but alhamdulillah, he is doing well there. 

General Manager, Shanthi Shum ended her devotion to the company after 10 years. No farewell for her, but I know she is still there for her morale support :) Things around has been going great. Did you heard? I got a car of my own! :D small Viva for my transportation to go anywhere. Hehe. Still have not explore everywhere tho lol got the hold of myself to drive carefully and safely. 

Almost two years with darling love, Muhammad Yusof Bin Fadhil. Never stop missing him and yes, he is still 467km away from me. Long distance relationship had its ups and downs and I am glad I am still holding strong, for us :) 

I got closer with my team, my homies, the people I spend my times all day. Nurul, Rayyaan and Amirul. Thank you lovelies :) Get to know more of the colleagues under the same roof ; Fitness First. Christopher, Yem, Fazly, Bella, Hadri, Ryan, and the rest :D Bosses are amazing and undoubtedly, good looking? *grins* :p My new GM is here. His name is Duncan :) It is all rainbows and unicorns back at works, in a nutshell. Alhamdulilllah :) 

I miss writing. I really do. I miss having ample time to not do anything, but then reality check: I am already 21. Bounded by love for my family, I work hard day and night for them. Tiring but worthwhile :) 

Inside my head is all rust and dust, and I am now clueless of what to write next. 

Will update you guys soon. love to bits x 

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