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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Friday, July 26, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Let July bid farewell. Hello there, August.

July has been an ass. 
Everything is wrecked, 
everything is falling into the wrong pieces of puzzle. 
Sales has been bad to worse for the whole country, especially the club itself. 

People leaving. 

People changing. 

Getting to know more the people in the business. 
Getting the hang of going back late (finally) haha :p 
Alhamdulillah jugak
fasting month is finally here almost ending -.- lol 

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan, semua :) (baru nak wish) haha :p

been catching up with the MCs from other clubs. 
Sales (as mention above) has not been doing good. 
but nonetheless, having tonnes of fun with the game the management arranged for us. 
Launched a new flow of the day. 
So far been going really good. 
Got to learn more about product knowledge, 
and of course torturing myself in a way :P 

hari tu ada call IOI, Yem dah berenti kerja. ala :c
gossip kejap dengan ain he he he hi!
Ashmen pulak dah angau secara tidak sengaja :P opss
riuh sangat bebudak Avenue K -.- nak cakap hi jugak kat sini! (nak duit raya! nak duit raya! :DD)
Fazli comel, Khairun comel dan Christopher comel dan semua sekali, duit raya please?! :DDDDD

bos Prabhu, bos Shanthi, bos Raja
I am all grown up dy
in a way 
still a cry baby, but I am sure you'll love me right? hehe :p

iols rasa macam CNN bergerak sejak dua tiga belakang ni haha 
welcomed Tasha into the team. Hello babygirl! :*
kerja pun biasalah pressure, tak pressure mana 
stress tak payah cerita, tapi iols okay je

dengar citer orang tu dah single
okay, takdek kena mengena 

oh, dah bgtau ke belum ek? saya dah beli kereta 
viva je pun he he he
hari-hari kena bebel dengan Alvin sebab fat percentage dah naik -.-
semangat nak jadi instructor katanyaaaaa kehkehkeh

bila ada masa je, scroll fb
scroll fb
takdek life kejap -.-

darlings back in college and high school have been doing well
yang belajar, yang dah kawen
alhamdulillah :) rindu korang semua 

i hope you guys are doing well
doakan yang baik-baik je
aminnnnn :)
kawen jangan lupa jemput 

set stalker sekalian
nak pegi mana? baca lah lagi :p
Life has been a roller coaster ride for the past month 
langgar je semua benda

I miss the old me 
I miss you
and you all too

and I shall now shut up and put my hands down. 
I rest my case

Till we meet again. 

tasha sayanggggg :)