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Amazing August
Saturday, August 3, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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so if you heard the news, yeah, it's true.

no further explanation needed. 

August has been amazing. then again, new GM, new colleagues and new new things happening in life. Life has been dull with colours. Been so mellow these days for god knows what reasons. Some said I am depressed, and I am trying to hide it. Oh well. easier said than done, right? :)

Anyways, Ramadhan is approaching to its end. Been fasting and not *ehem* eheh :P Alhamdulillah, day went by smoothly i guess. It is only the 3rd of the month. On the 1st was my off day. so I went to Avenue K and said hi to my colleagues there. See them doing their daily tasks :D and the club is HUGE! Heh. But didn't get to see Fazli since he's off. Ala :( end up spending time with Chris and Khairun instead. then met Mel at KLCC. Decided to break fast at Miss Kwan's. Delicious food! :D

Chit chat, catch ups and all that. I got myself PERSONALITY PLUS book from Kinokuya on Mel's recommendation. then I head home around 9 something. At night, as I was going through my stuffs in the cabinet, I came across the camera darling gave me few months back. Should be using it, but I don't know why I am shy of using? :/ after all these days everyone is using their smartphones camera? lulz *nothing related*

Glad that I am still surviving. With works, family and other commitments, I am glad to say that I am doing alright. Gonna start writing again, soon. Gonna focus more on the inner self. I need time to heal. and no one understand that.

but that is completely fine. 

Happy to see the people around me growing up so fast, growing to be such responsible adults. Alhamdulillah :) shall not look in the past but future ahead. been updating myself with the folks around (without them knowing :P ) and I have to say, I am happy for all of you :) Gotta lay off the stalker self inside me. Very bad habit. Cannot get rid of it --" lol I need more positivity in life. I need more positive people around me.

oh yes! I got off for two days for Eid. Going back to Perak. Driving for the first time. Meeting the cousins there. Been awhile since I meet up. and aunties and uncles, can I still get duit raya this year? :D Heee!

I gotta stop mumbling. I need to. Haha. POSITIVE DAYS AHEAD. Amin :)

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone! x