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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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let the canvas carves on its own
Friday, August 23, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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mood: blessed. 

August is coming to an end. 
am i sad? 

am i happy?
YES, as well. 

for the past two weeks, I have been through a lot
lesson in life especially
good and bad
went through shit loads of emotional mess 
and i survived

sangat seronok at work
new GM, Andrew is amazing
such people person, learning a lot from him
my colleagues, new and old ones
semua bonded like one happy family *hugs* 

nak tau satu rahsia tak? 
i lost my touch in blogging :c haha don't know how to blog properly nowadays
takpe, after this insya-Allah boleh kot

flyer drop session with Nurul :D sebelum tu, *snapsnap* :D

ada dengar cerita tak? 
I am finally printing my own zine! :D
thanks to the help of my ohana, Ariff Masrom hee 
seronoknya dapat tahu there are actually ways of me expressing my passions
all my friends (most of them) knew about it
and i decided to slow down and not going to continue further in sales line
yup, this is my last month 
and i am glad that i've lived up such good memories here
so tak berapa nak kecewa tinggalkan fitness world sekejap
because i'll be back! hehe

planning to work more on my short fictions
my writings 
my art
my passion
and i found a new one : DANCING!
okay, mungkin tak pandai menari macam ballerina or what
i find myself when i am dancing lol
tried zumba and sh'bam...

so i sat down with Sophina
and discuss all the particulars....
insya-Allah, just pray that all goes well, alright? :)
Aminnnnnnnn :D

ta-da! :D

feeling so positive these days
and honestly i am very happy
beau and i patched things up, and we're all good
after talking to the one who is also in a long distance relationship,
everything makes sense now
Alhamdulillah :) 

sekarang ni ramai betul nak bertunang
so happy for them!
semoga semua yang dirancang berkekalan. amin :)

oh ya, 

i am so sorry
to whoever who is reading
i have not been able to update my blog regularly
due to work and...stuffs 
but i promised myself that i will not close this blog
it is basically my baby (in writing haha)
6 years of services already
and of course, 
lots of memories 

walaupun zaman berblogging dah berlalu
still nak emphasize on betapa coolnya bila saya berblogging
i am now officially deteriorating the art of my own way of blogging
oh well
MY blog, MY way gitoooooo

the only blog i am reading now is baby nully's 
dia pun dah jarang update
tapi still jadi pembaca setia hehe :D
miss you too, babyyyy
dia pesennya asyik mengimbau zaman diploma jeh
semua yang baca pun jadi nostalgia kejap lol

it is already 1:48am
and tomorrow i am off
planning something with mummy dearest
see how it goes


thank you so much, 
for reading x