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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Home is everything you can walk into
Thursday, September 26, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Another day, another blog post! :D feeling so giddy these days, for some unknown reasons. 


 so here are some updates;

  • I turned 21. Ahaha! feel so old already... =.='
  • I finally printed my novel. Okay, only the zine lah. but hey! cool what! 
  • Got the quotation from the book consultant. Need to reconsider D: 
  • Just so you know, I AM CURRENTLY WORKING. with more time to spare for me self. Eheh!
  • I got myself a new wardrobe! YEAYYYYY! Thank you Mumsie! :D
  • Bestfriend's birthday is tomorrow! :D Happy birthday babygirl Shireen! ♥ ♥ 
  • I had weird dreams for the past few days -.-"
  • I really miss fellow Fitness Firsters. Do yu gais miss me? :DDDD
  • Beau has been busy. Meh. *rolls on the floor* 
  • I got a new phone (just so you know) addicted of changing its themeeeeeee ;D 
  • I now know how to driveeeeeeeeee to Subang and will explore key ell soon! wait for meh! haha
  • I wanna be a food critic. Food lovah :B 
  • Addicted shopping online. Eek!
  • I love following pretty online shops on instagram!
  • I am developing a girl crush on KatVonD LMAO
  • Planning to meet up with the people on Facebook! it is time! *shake booty* 
  • Finally got my first purchase ever online; got myself two sunnies from @lorongbaju ! love 'em!
  • Hari-hari mummy masak untuk saya. Mekasih ♥ :)))
  • I need plain tops -.- to match my printed skinny 
  • Really need to start workout before BF % increases like mad. 
  • Hi kiut wan :D *waves excitedly*
  • La Sallian boys are just adorablezzzz :p 
  • Hi Chris Lee! Hi Fazli! (eh?) 
  • Cadangnya nak turun Kuantan soon. Hmm :|
  • Can't wait for Alvin to become instructor *square dance* woot woot
  • Ikmal got....six packs *lap air liur* kehkehkeh
  • I love my current job kbye
  • sad that I took time and effort to text someone but they didn't even reply D: they even online summore D: 
  • First time kena block for unrelated reasons. Whatttttt?! super childish
  • Kau ingat kau retis? (retis reggae lol ) 
  • me going Hitzfm birthday invasionnnnnnn :D 
  • Did i tell yu gais I freakin' loveeeeeeeeeeeeee my new wardrobe? :DDDD can shop moar! :D 
  • So happy can save fuel :D thank you stickerzzz 
  • I feel so...formal when I talk to people these days lol 
  • Wanna join gym la! 
  • Going for Orange Run in Oct!
  • Going to Melaka in Oct! Can't wait! :DDDD
  • Really hoping that October will be a good month! Amin! :D