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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Saturday, September 21, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hellow smellow :D

so...after much consideration, I am finally back on TUMBLR
I revived, practically after almost a year
so blessed that I have my very much reliable smartphone with me,

thanks to beau! ♥ :D

It is weekend again, and here I am, chilling at home, as how I like it.
Parents is out on a date back to Perak, and well, I feel so melancholy all of sudden.
Alhamdulillah, 75% of my zine are already sold so there are still requests of it :D

Been thinking of publishing it properly,
I've called the right people and finally got the quotation from them.
Have to sit down and discuss everything with parents first :)
InsyaAllah all will goes well.

Ever since I started working about almost a month ago,
been bored at work,
 but really excited of the job scope that I have been doing now.
I think I am fitting in well :)

Missing everyone terribly back in FF, but what to do.
I choose this path.
Nothing more i can do :)

Too many good things are happening.
Turned 21, well wished and so much blessed.
Can't believe at the age of 21, i have so many things in life. Best part; I finally met someone who understands me so well. she is now my best friend. Shireen sayang, thank you so much for everything. Hopefully this friendship will go as far as ever :) Had really long and amazing conversations with her. Realized that we have so much in common :) Beau and i are okay :) Want to go to Kuantan to meet him badly. He's been busy with work, hence no time for fun and all tsk tsk :(

The other day I read Cik Epal's blog and of course my older blog posts

but then i really miss expressing myself in ways
that I don't give a shit of what people about to say after they read certain posts
Kinda miss all the high school crushes and the dramas that happened :P

Feel like I should spend more times in writing,
and bitching about things in life,

but at the moment I am so positive now :D haha
with the people around me, and the things that have been happening
Couldn't really ask for more

I can really write long endless winded blog post

but as you can see now,
I don't really blog these days
so yeah hehe :D

Thank you Aunt Ivy for the shirt, chocolate and Texas Chicken
I hope you like the cupcakes, and chocolateeeee
All the best to Alvin
can't wait for you to be an instructor!
Hope you like your birthday present? eheh

semalam call si getek nelly
then baca blog beliau
rindu lah
tau tak rindu tu apa?
hopefully can see you soon beautiful
nak buat reunion pun susah

so glad that i am still in touch with my members
going to have lunch or dinner with some of them soon
missing the Fitness Firsters too
whatsapp them selalu
hai handsome and beautiful :)

actually i have plans
to just do it
take risk
but I can't
not now
hopefully soon

oh yeah
sekarang lagi senang nak stalk orang
'stalk' only
by following them on instagram
loving it
it is proven that you can tell a lot of things from just a photo
and macam malas nak update status
so what i did was i just quote statuses from people
from other website
twitter etc

i have my instagram too
full of photos of food
so yeah :P

wanna keep yourself updated with my activities?
facebook: Atika Sikun
instagram: atikasikun
tumblr: atikasikun 

ahaks! feel like a celebrity lmao


*skips around*