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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It has been a while.

Really, it has been a while.

I always said I missed blogging. I honestly do. But then, these days, I no longer have the urge to blog. Addicted to Instagram and less attention paid to Facebook or even Twitter.

I feel like such internet whore lol -_-

Nonetheless, I'M BACK! :) October has been good, alhamdulillah. couldn't be more grateful :) After the last post the other day,

On OCTOBER 12TH, I went to my first marathon after quite sometimes la. Went there with Shireen and managed to finish the 11 KM marathon in three hours (so long, i know) had so much fun, got free gifts and bag upon completion hehe :D next we are joining another marathon in January 5th. weeeeee :D tried Nasi Arab for the first time :D not bad. nasi arab is naise :D

me upon completion hehe ;D

well for the rest of the month, I head down to a lot more events and got to meet my favourite celebrities.

On OCTOBER 19TH, I went to #ChurpOut2013. It was amazing! :D but due to financial issue, didn't get to buy anything tho. Heh. I join the crowd instead and tried my first ever Reverse Bungee Jumping :D it was surreal! -_- almost popped my heart out, screaming for help HAHA met April and turned out to be she is actually one of the crew :D met Jo Yee as well ;D

got to meet youtube superstars; Dennis Yin, Dan Khoo of DanKhoo Production, Reuben Kang, and Shawn Lee! :D other Alpha Churpers were there as well, fellow bloggers like Hanis Zalikha, Yuyu, Aida Sue, Red Mama and so much more :D

They are really friendly in person. and well, I was starstrucked. Gave two copies of my zine to Dan Khoo and Sazzy Falak! :D couldn't be more happier! :) Walk around the bazaar and then headed home since cousins are in Klang. We then head for dinner.

here's a photo of me and Hanis Zalikha :D 

DanKhoo of DanKhoo Production

youtube him! :D

another Alpha; Dennis Yin :)

super good looking in person haha :D

Reuben Kang from JinnyboyTV :DDDD

Shawn Lee ! :D 

was finding anyone to help me take photo of us, and he said "i think we should selca" 

haha so cute :p

the reverse bungee jumping that I was telling you guyz aboutz. my heart just explode. 

starstrucked! Sazzy Falak in person ;D 

the link from their names various from twitter/youtube/instagram lol 

google their name if you would like to find out more bout 'em! ;)

and last Saturday (OCTOBER 26TH) , I went out with Mel. Drove all the way to One Utama to meet her there for #ShapeUpYourLifestyle with Nestle Fitnesse and Hitzfm event :D she asked me to accompany her and since it has been a while since I last met her also. Feel like such a breakthrough that I can finally drive all the way to KL (thanks to Waze of course) and head back home safely. :) the event was indeed great! rasa rugi pulak tak join event tu -_- haha semua orang tanya kenapa tak join, i was just.....lazy lol there were 12 winners and all of them got the chance to hang out with Natalie and Arnold from Yippiee! :) I was excited for sure. Hehe :D

The day started with rock climbing at Camp 5, in One Utama. Knew the place existed, so I was excited really. But didn't join the fun because not enough cash. Heh :) I had fun taking photos and chatting with Natalie and Arnold (Arnold is actually acrophobia. poor guy) he managed to conquer 2/4 of the wall tho. Yay? :P then we head for lunch at this Opika Restaurant. Not really the eat clean kind of person, but the food was good. experience eating coucous meal. all of us were looking forward for the main course actually haha! :P

after that they went groceries shopping worth of RM180 :O Mel was obviously super happy that she can buy her clean foods stock haha :P dia pun belanja me grapes. Weeee ;D after that we went to the betting cage to hit some balls (did that came out right?) lol and then headed home :) The whole was accompanied by Mr. Carlo from Nestle Fitnesse and Adam and AJ from the HitzFM cruiser ;D

me and Natalie Kniese :D

super tall and super friendly ;DDD

the whole team before the day started. PHEW ;D 

and i sent Mel back to her house in Ampang. Use Waze to guide my way back home. sesat for like 10 minutes dekat Taman Keramat. Gelap gelita tempat tu. Haihhhh. Dalam kepala setan dah pikir memacam lol tapi alhamdulillah lepas tu found my way back to the highway. Rasa bangga pun ada, sebab dulu kecik-kecik selalu lagi highway yang sama, terfikir bila la nak bawak kereta sendiri lalu highway ni kan? Hehe. tiba jugak akhirnya. Alhamdulillah, after 45 minutes, sampai jugak rumah tercinta. lepas tu, mandi then siap-siap pegi Uptown Shah Alam. Belikan sangkar tiga kaki untuk Bubble, my sister sugar glider. Yeap, additional pet to look out for. 

nah, Bubble. 

her two and half storey bungalow. Mewah seh ._.

here's a peak how does it look like from top. 

was planning to have midnight dinner dekat Uptown tapi tak jadi. bought keropok lekor instead. tapi sudahnya tak makan pun sebab penat sangat -_- went to bed and slept off. LOL 

so hari ni (OCTOBER 29TH) baru lah nak tergerak hati update blog kesayangan ni. sorry, felt guilty because it has not been attended. lol :p more post coming soon (hopefully) or just wrap up haha 

Hope you had fun reading it! :D 



love you long time xx