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How to Survive Long Distance Relationship
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hi! :D

I just finished watching JinnyBoyTV's video; UNFOLD 2  and it is all about long distance relationship. As most of you guys know, I am in a long distance relationship now. first relationship and a long distance one too. He is from Kuantan and I am almost 300km away from him. We met in college, and i fell in love with him instantly. Aha :p Lovey dovey stuffs aside, it all come down to this: HOW TO SURVIVE LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. 

1: Trust 
I am not exactly the goody quiet girlfriend type, since I am the talkative one whereby he will be the quiet one most of the time. Usually i will let him know where will i be after work and etc, but guess what? sometimes we don't contact each other at all. it was a problem for me at first, but then he assured me that he is okay over there and he knows that I am well too. Being in a long distance relationship is hard, with all the single(s) out there and all sorts of temptation(s), trustworthiness is very important. As long as you give the right amount of freedom, and to be there for your partner, then I guess you're cool?

2: Communication
My boyfriend works hard and very long hours. I used too. Sometimes when I want to talk to him, He is already asleep or watching his favourite cartoons. It was a problem for me at first, but eventually I understand his habits, and become immune to it lol same goes to all LDR couple. I think we have to have the communication (by any means) as long as you know the other half is doing just fine.

3: People 
Believe or not, people around you also play very important roles in your relationship. Some said 'others should never interfere in one's relationship' but somehow somewhere along the way, their opinion also influences you. especially from the family members, BBF(s) and etc etc. I don't mind listening to other's opinion, but when an opinion is made, YOU decide what to do next. like a Malay proverb said, "jangan sudah terhantuk, baru tengadah" .

4: Faith
Same with no. 1, have faith in your LDR relationship. If you know you can't go on, then why bother being in one for 1 , 2 , 3 years? My mom always said, "if you want someone to be yours forever, always have faith. bring the good out of that person and vice versa" which i completely agree. Appreciate your partner. Have faith and trust. You don't have to check on them 24/7 (unless they have to have history of being kaki shi shi) , simple reminder would do. and I am sort of against FORBIDDING your partner in mostly everything. Same goes to normal relationship. If you think it is not good for them, then it is okay. you have to give and take lor. Kena lah pandai jaga hati SENDIRI dan hati pasangan anda. win win. Don't go around telling NO, NO and lots of NO, but when you guys did the same exact thing, it is completely okay.

Jualikan betul.

5: Yourself 
MAKE AN EFFORT if you think that the relationship is getting dull. got this alot from LDR people. complain so much, but never make an effort. tired of texting and calls? why not Skype? or even planning a meet up or something. "Easier said that done" they said. IT IS EASY TO BE DONE. proper planning and what not. and if you like impromptu surprises, go ahead! :D

Spark your relationship in any way possible, so that at the end of the day, you don't feel sad or lonely seeing your friends going out meeting their partner because you know that although your other half might be half across the world, you will feel like he/she is right beside you, being there for you no matter what.

you might agree or might NOT agree, but this is again, just my two cents.

Hope these tips help!

and here's JinnyBoyTV; UNFOLD 2 :) 

ps: hi sayang! I miss you! *baling bunga satu juta* :p 

Tata! :D