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the earth is round....and you're not invited
Friday, November 15, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I am actually talking about one of my friend; the big boss of MPPK , Wan Hazman who is getting married on the 22 December. Kinda excite me because all the people who attended MPPK will most probably be there :D the wedding is at Selayang tho. and I am definitely using Waze to get there. lol bagi alamat dekat Hazman then baru decide nak pegi dengan apa. Mungkin nak pujuk Yem to go with me. Haha :D

Speaking of weddings and all kan, so ironic yang Yem is also Kak Aja's future brother in law. Keciknya duniaaaaaaa (-_-") haha hari tu whatsapp dia kenal tak Kak Aja tapi dia tak reply pun. Ceh. Nanti nak buat acah-acah surprise gitu masa jumpa dia. Kahkahkah :p

as i mentioned in my previous post, I am happy that I kinda rekindle back with some of the people. Needless do I have to say who, but you know who you are :) Been sleeping early these days, nothing much to do at home. Just relax, play with some games, and head to bed. I am developing this persistency of checking my phone and the apps before i go to bed, for an hour or so. Is it bad? :/

Speaking about work, alhamdulillah baru je settle kerja bertimbun since hari Isnin. Penat woi -.- tapi okay lah, puas hati terus everything tersusun in order. so now menunggu another 50+ jobs to go through. hopefully all is in order aminnnnn :)) took me the whole day to sort out one thing and another day for another thing meh sibeh ma fan :p

and alhamdulillah also, tomorrow is already the 15th. which means 15 days to go to get my salary. Yay! :D rasa baru je start 1st day of the month lol haha semenjak dua menjak ni dah start eat healthy. tapi at the moment, buat apa yang mampu, since I am having financial concern now. Hehe :) Can't wait to hit to the gym soon. Stress sebab perut makin buncit. and I sure do need real motivations to keep me going :p

I was planning to write about my braces experience, but I guess I'll just do it tomorrow. Hehe


*pops confetti*