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Bits and pieces of 2013 / New Year in all the glitters
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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so many things happened this year and so many memorable things happened. either way, I am utmost grateful :  So many recaps got me all nostalgic all of sudden. I remembered telling myself earlier this year, full of hope: let this year be a great one for yours truly. and Alhamdulillah, it did.

2013 has been a wonderful year. *pops confetti

The year indeed started with a bang, full of surprises and excitement. In January, I started my first real job in Fitness First and got to know amazing people. My Sales Team, boss Prabhu and boss Shanti and of course the rest of the Fitness First KBT's family members. (RINDU ITU SUDAH PASTI!)  Learn a lot, learn how to groom and be more poise (sort of) and also getting to know the real world. I miss you guys :(

February was nothing much, still busy working and getting to know more people. Got Abah a brand new Saga FLX. Heh :)

and that was when March and then April came that I've decided to get myself a brand new car. It was quite hastily but I couldn't be more proud of myself. I finally have my first and own asset Alhamdulillah this ride princess got me everywhere I wanted to go. I was also confirmed as a permanent staff in Fitness First. weehoo! :D 

Praise to Allah SWT, because a year ago, I could never thought that my life would turn out this way :)

In May, my car came out. Learn on how to drive it (I am driving manual) it was hard, but thanks to Nurul and Amirul for the endless encouragement and potpet to teach me how to drive with style. Sampai sekarang kena bising bila bawak kereta lepak dengan diorang haha ;p I also finally graduated in UiTM. and sayang came to celebrate with us as well ♥ thanks sayang :) dapatlah lepas rindu dendam dekat gegirls ni ha :))) rindu korang!

and also got a heartbreaking news, my life mentor, who is also my Sales Manager got transferred to Menara Summit. sedih wo D:

In June, was finally the month we've been waiting for the news on my dad's case. Tapi punah harapan, tak dapat claim insurance at all. My dad didn't purposely wanted to be robbed -_- Nonetheless, life must go on. and alhamdulillah again, I was awarded as the Membership Consultant for the month of June 2013 with a breaking 30 New Join Members . Serious happy sangat! It was surreal, thanks to Rayyaan!! :D

Then in July, Tasha join the team. Dah anggap dia macam adik. Helped her when I can. Alhamdulillah, she is where she wanted to be now. Great job, girl! :) super proud of you :)

Celebrated our two years together, me and liebling x

In August, Sasha pulak join the team. Former MC in Penang, dapat kerja dengan dia sebulan je. Baru je beliau tunang masa tu. congrats! :) so, now 4 girls and 1 guy in the team. It was a great roller coaster ride learning through experiences working there. and on the 31st of August, I left the amazing company. Only Alvin and Tasha bid me farewell and it was an emotional ones. Thanks to you both :) Others have some errands to attend, but I am forever grateful. To the amazing people who has nurture me over 8 months long, thank you so much. The journey with you guys are irreplaceable.

September marks my month. I finally turned 21. Had a mini get together with Cherrie, Jo Yee, Salam and Arisha. it was nice. Drove to Subang for the first time. Heh. Scary la -_- then also got tonnes of wishes from everyone around. thank you lovelies! :) and I welcomed my first Samsung in the family teehee :) thanks sayang ;D then jumpa Shireen, bonded till now :D

Printed out my first zine! Alhamdulillah! :) semua terjual hehe ;D

First month of working in a new company as well. It is a Logistic company. So kalau nak buat export or import shipment, you know where to find me ;)

Finally made it to Dip n Dip! :D went all the way to Bangsar for it. also terserempak with Qi Razali. went hyperventilated. LOL

October went by swiftly. Got to meet more celebrities and Youtube superstars! :D Got to spend more time with my family of course. and also join my first half marathon after quite some times. haha. finished in 3 hours time for 11KM. I got lazy *guilty* :P went all foodie hunting when I am not at work. Gila BF% naik macam orang gile -.- LOL

November was also a remarkable month for me - I got myself involved in a new project, few new projects for new year. Stay tuned! 

and there is December - I finally crossed off one of my bucket list; to be live on National radio. All thanks to Hitz.FM and Wonda Coffee :D Learn how to cook from my mom and sister, went to #BigBadWolf2013. Fell more and more in love with what life has to offer.

I think all these conclude my roller coaster of a year (again). There are things that happened in between the months that I didn't mention about, has their own highlighted event of the month, you just have to read through my archives. Heh. 

and now , the PEOPLE - the people who made everything so much easier for me at times I am down. My happy pills, the faces that I missed out the entire year, my homies back home, my MPP friends, me familiadarling love, my work colleagues and every single person who made this girl smiling all year longThank you so much, deep down my heart, I am very blessed to have YOU, YOU and YOU, full of positive vibes all around me :)

and as always...

to the babies of the year;
 Eiman, Nadiah, Faraa Haness and of course, my 14 years buddy since primary, Sanjeeva Rao, 


Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers for the amazing year ahead!

2014, you and me gonna rock hard together! xx :D