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New Year Resolution(s)
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Normal la kan, kalau new year je, mesti disertai dengan resolution(s) nya sekali. this year inshaAllah ada a few resolutions yang nak dicapai :D

Dah setahun bekerja, masih lagi gagal to start saving up (Adrian, if you're reading this, we're on the same page lol) mainly sebab i love to eat lavish food, not so lavish anymore these days because turned out to be all those restaurants i've been dying to try are serving the kind of food that didn't go well with my taste buds. yikes T_T so sekarang cuma try sekali then no more no more.

still obsessing over carbonara tho. Noms ;D

so my plan is to save some amount of money at three places; my piggy bank at home, in the bank and also my VENTURE LIFE HLA account. Alhamdulillah, at my new work place masih boleh menyimpan. sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit kan? already start implementing the concept in my daily life. Like my brother, he has this huge collection of 50 cents coins dekat dalam bekas in his almari. lepas kira-kira macam terkejut sebab the amount of money memang unexpected. Walaupun for some of us nilai dia sikit, tapi better little than nothing kan?

I have this habit, somehow when i get too comfortable, nanti mula la kepala ni nak menjadi malas. I am productive at the moment, so nak jadi superwoman la. supaya kerja semua siap AND smoothly done on time ;) dan seharuslah tiba awal ke ofis, like half an hour early so that tak pending lama-lama sangat.

and to be a better person; physically and mentally.

not that I have not been one, will improve myself obviously. inshaAllah. let's change us to be better! :)

Nine months in fitness line made me realized how important workout is. bukanlah nak jadi fitness freak ke apa, tapi tu la kena rajin exercise. so for this year, ada banyak plan involving workout routine, at home and outside. but the other day i've come across three amazing places to workout; my former work place Fitness First, the Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda's gym in Shah Alam and an MMA gym in Taman Sentosa to begin with.

Not much ruling tho. just a lil concern on the budget. Heh. InshaAllah akan start workout properly soonest. Baju workout takyah risau. haha. relax jeh :P asalkan my fitness goal this year is to get toned and healthier.
makan pun kena jaga. ;) working on that as well :D

ada jugak plan nak amek license jadi Zumba instructor by the end of the year. Hopefully boleh la kan. Heh.

continue writing on my novels and short fictions. read more. explore more. improve more. simply becoming more than just ordinary. trying to explore new forms of writings and what not. Nyehehehe :B

make a fruitful one. tapi macam bosan pulak makin banyak jenis-jenis manusia yang agak hover di Facebook. tahap extreme pun ade. lol. tapi so far alhamdulillah, okay la kot. banyakkanlah muhasabah diri ek? piu piu piu gun :P

I guess that's all for now kot? Will update more if anything cross my mind :P