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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Have you wondered, how would it feels like when you got everything you want in life?

I do. I wonder ALL the time. Yet, here I am still wishing for it to happen lol 

There are a few things i want to achieve in life;

  • Own a property 

I just want to own a property with house with 5 bedrooms, spacious kitchen, spacious parking lot or even a small garden. and it has to be near town. and surrounded with other houses too lol 

Others are bonus to me. Weeee! :D

  •  Have plenty of money to spend after I am not working anymore

Sounds like I have to do MLM, or maybe not lol just being able to spend like nobody's business and also have large sum of savings for the old days hehe :D

  • Being able to shop without thinking so much on the expenses 
I always have this problem. (makan tak kisah sangat) bahaha! sebab tu they said my clothes are outdated and lack of style. ah, wuteva. make over boleh tunggu kot. Heh.

Kalau bosan-bosan what i do is I'll do calculations and whatnot. and from my calculations, my Viva will be using RM70K++ for the next 6 years ++, that includes road tax, insurance, maintenance, services, fuel, waxing, wash etc.

Wuah! pening kepala jap! (o.o)

tak masuk lagi the three motorbikes at home (one more soon will be added), two cars jugak. haha. calculations are fun :b memang takdek keje sangat ni. haha 

and my PTPTN loan is RM142 per month, hence RM17,040 in total, to be paid in 10 years. 

THIS - hmm i don't know when to do so lol inshaAllah if time allows, and economically as well

  • Perform Umrah and Hajj with my family
Umrah before the age of 30 and Hajj before I turn 35. Dah lama Tak check akaun Tabung Haji ;_;

  • Travel the world 
Wanna travel to at least 7 countries before I settle down for good. or just travel with him when I got married lol.

  • Be a billionaire before the age of 30 
I need to work super hard before I can achieve this status haha :p

  • stay fit and have a bodylicious figure
Gotta hit the workout I am supposed to do. Go Atika! :B

This one kacang only. Yu no rike meh yu kiss me bak :* Love you guys loads! x 

photo taken when I hang out with Ibu and famileh. McD ftw!