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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, May 1, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It is hard.

Really hard to please people. Takut nanti dia annoyed, takut nanti kena carut dekat belakang.

tau tak dilemma tu? ergh T_T

tapi now dah decide nak buang perasaan tak selesa tu jauh-jauh. so semuanya neutral lah kan hehe so, alhamdulillah for the month of April gaji dah keluar, setel all payments tinggal RM500 bersih. alhamdulillah jugak. so dah decide nak execute plans untuk the year of 2014. first thing first, nak amek MUET. dah prepare mental and physical untuk start study balik. hehe :D

for the month of April, nothing much to be highlighted. meeting friends as always, celebrated Alvin's birthday, lepas rindu dekat Maddy, belajar berjimat. like seriously berjimat. then plan nak pegi berjalan pun pun on hold dulu :) banyak benda lah senang cerita.

I know I've promised photos from my last blog post, but I was too lazy ahahahaha :p deciding is hard, but I already made up my mind. eheh.

and also, I am currently addicted into reading blogs. serious macam addicted giler. everyday datang ke office then cepat-cepat siapkan kerja then start baca blogs, then go 9gag then pegi FML and so on. sekarang ni dekat office pun kerja makin banyak, especially accounting part o___o naik juling tengok numbers, but hey I am not complaining. hehe.

then excited gila sebab finally dapat buat filing bebetul. kena whatsapp miss ida pasni. hahaha. so far alhamdulillah so good. aku rasa kena spend one day during weekend untuk buat semua filing betul-betul. not sure when tho lol risau pasal calculation of the account, mainly because I don't know the accouting terms :( speaking of work -- reminds me of study. inshaAllah i will continue my study next year. dah mintak tolong nyah tolong belikan nombor pin hehe thanks nyah ^___^

tak sabar nak jumpa the clan from diploma time. yaya is coming back from UK in the 1st of June. diorang plan gathering, but unfortunately might not be able to join them. so decided that ill be joining her on the 2nd, before she fly back to KK. can't wait!

today is already the last day of April. rasa baru je update wish new year hari tu. oh well, wishing everyone a great month ahead! xx