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Top 10 favourite series of all time
Thursday, April 17, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The following are my favourite tv series, the Top 10 of course. ready? let's go!

1) CSI franchise 

cerita favourite since install astro kat rumah. sanggup bergaduh dengan adik-adik sebab nak tengok episodes by episodes hahahahaha! all three csi series are amazing. learn so much new terminology and new informations on forensic science, physics even chemistry! walaupun dulu all these pure science subjects pun nan hado, still have so much fun watching the episodes back to back! sekarang dalam process downloading ALL the full seasons! :D CSI Miami is done! cuma tinggal CSI: NY (6 more seasons on its way) and CSI: LV he he he :D 

 2) How I Met Your Mother 

tak ingat siapa introduce dekat i this series. tapi sangatlah tak rugi bila dapat ALL the episodes! :D ohhh i remembered! it was Nadia! :D heee! :D revolves around the story of Ted Mosby and his friends and the adventures they had for 9 nine years (flashbacks je sebenarnya) when Ted told the stories to his kids :D Love Barney most! :D 

full of witty jokes! and more scientific terms and socially awkward cum perfectionist trying to fit in , with his geeky friends. lol Sheldon is just so honest about his thoughts and his friends are just hilarious! :D must watch! :D sekarang tengah compiled all the seasons nicely :D 

Thanks Lala for introducing me to GA :D a twist on life of doctors and medical attendances. so many factual terms (as always) and a lot of new dramas on each episodes :D same like the rest, gigih download episodes by episodes :D phew! 

sedih bila dapat tau that the show has been cancelled. last episode was in December 2012. Amazing stories on how a group of gifted people became the modern Robin Hood. seronok tengok diorang pull off tricks untuk trick balik orang jahat yang telah menganiaya orang lain. Love sexy Hardison the most ;) 

cerita legend okay! saje download during diploma time, and got hooked eversince. tak puas tengok sekali. kengkadang marathon sampai pagi hahahaha :D lovely storyline and funny too! :D Fran is just so adorable! xD

start addicted tengok when they usually have marathons on Sunday afternoon. Episodes are so so je. These days banyak yang repeat episodes je -_- love the dramas and office conflicts hahahahaha :p 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ni sepatutnya jatuh nombor tiga okay! so so so in love with the series!!! :DDDDD been following the series fully since season 2 (thank you 710! :D ) sebab airing at around 6:15 every weekdays. so merasa la tengok back-to-back episodes. weee :D Abs is my absolute favourite! ♥

Ni series baru jugak lah. baru second series dekat channel 710. tapi plot menarik, ala-ala Supernatural tapi tak mistik sangat. and the guy dalam poster ni katanya dari zaman dahulu kala. so kiranya dia macam time traveler gitu. 

Thank you so much Cherrie and Jo Yee for introducing me to this show. Episodes macam movie ye. Satu Episode dua jam. Kau mampu?! hahahaha tapi memang witty and best! 

Okay, tu je nak cerita. HAHAHAHA. all these shows are highly recommended to watch. Kalau addicted, don't blame me ha :p