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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Lately, I have been devoting myself to constantly read blogs (more than five blogs) on a daily basis. So addictive wanting to know what they have to offer in their latest blog posts. and it actually striked me -- I am no longer writing like I used to. Harus la busy dan takdek idea kan. and takdek so much enthusiasm nak berkongsi like I used to. lol

But yeah, I am still trying to diversify my writings on a daily basis. (still failed on the photos tho) and been writing down what I wanted to write here as well. For the past one week, I have been busy with Kak Aja's wedding and as for the time being, I am restraining myself to go out and spending money with my girls or all by myself.

Kalau boleh sampai hujung bulan la kan. Haha. Alhamdulillah it has almost been 10 days and I have yet to spend horridly on my salary (like I used to when I first start working)

...and partially because I have spent quite a sum of moolah in Cameron two weeks ago hahahahaha

Cameron was exceptionally tiring because we had Abah's 1 year + old Saga FLX and only me, Yol, Kaknyah and Mak but it was excruciating because the car aircond is not working properly! asdfghjkl -.- but alhamdulillah, we made it to the respective farms and managed to get our hands on some strawberries and some ole-ole from Cameron as well hehe :D

Kak Aja's wedding was okay too. Was wearing this baju kurung moden Abah got from one of his colleagues (pre-loved, obviously)  and everyone seems to be gawking on how gorgeous the orange colour is. The good vibes, maybe? Heh. Mak and Cik Anom was in charge of the makan beradab and was so proud of the result! :D and I also met Yem, my fitness first ex colleague. he is an engineer now, working offshore lagi. auw. hahaha nanti kawen jangan lupa ajak tau Yem! :p Yem is Kak Aja's brother in law :D what a small worldddd :D

This weekend I'll be heading to Johor for Kak Aja's majlis bertandang. Rasa takut because I have snoring problem then afraid that people will look me with one kind -_- okay, better not go. OR should i? *dilemma* :/ nonetheless, April has been good so far.

and looking forward for June 2014 (still)

ps all photos can be seen on my instagram here for daily life updates :D easier! :D

till then xx